We have pleasure in annoucing that World-model is our exclusive dealer for China and Hong-Kong.

World model is a well known specialized company with more than 30 years experience, dealing with first quality R/C brands.

Welcome to Merlin Family!

wm3More information at: www.world-model.com or in Facebook

We have pleasure in announcing that Schepis Model is our new dealer for Italy.

Schepis model is a well knownprofesional company in the Italian RC Market. After having tested our products during Ifmar 1/8th 2014 World Championship, Schepis realized about the good performance and reliability of Merlin Fuel, and decided to take the distribution for Italy.


Products are already available in Italy trough Schepis model.

Contact details:

+39 (090) 625037
+39 (090) 6256693

We have pleasure in announcing that NN modelismo will be our new dealer in Portugal for Merlin fuel Range.


From now you can find our products at:

NN Modelismo Xray-Portugal

Avda. Jose Ferreira sa Cruz, 135

4580-651 Vilela



Tel 00 351 220 999 450

Algunas fotos del Cto. Del Mundo celebrado en Messina donde Merlin Fuel fue patrocinador ofical del evento .

Some pics from the Worlds 2014 Sponsorized by Merlin Fuel.

Más información y fotos en nuestra página de Facebook

We have pleasure to announce that Ali Racing Shop is joining the Merlin Family.

Based in Jakarta, Ali Racing shop with his big R/C Bussiness background is now the official delaer for Indonesia and Singapore for Merlin Fuel and Merlin Parts.

logo ali racing

We hope with his help, Merlin Fuel will be a popular RC product in such a nice area.

You can contact Ali Racing Shop for more details.

Merlin Race 2013 took place at Cartt Track in Madrid. This track will hold the 2014 Euros B.

Over 135 dirvers attended to the race, that was the grand Track re-opening, in a friendly atmosphere, becoming the biggest event in Spain in the recent years.

Presentación carrera

After qualifying, Miguel Matias got the TQ

The surface became bluegroove for the finals, and the lap times were faster every round.

The 45 min A main final, was really disputed, with no clear winner until lasts laps, with a close fight between Miguel Matias, Jerome Sartel, Ricardo Monteiro and Daniel Vega.


Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Jerome Sartel (FR) Agama / Bullit 66/ 45:22.286
2 Miguel Matias (PT) – TQ Losi / RB 66/ 45:38.692
3 Ricardo Monteiro Losi / RB 66/ 45:39.032
4 Daniel Vega Agama / Reds 66/ 45:.42.345
5 Alberto García S.Works / RB 65/ 45:30.709
6 Oscar Baldó Mugen / Nova 64/ 45:13.093
7 L. Ignacio Candel Kyosho / RB 63/ 45:02.336
8 Javier Pombo Mugen / Ultimate 63/ 45:.04.995
9 Gonçalo Melo Losi / RB 61/45:21.520
10 Ignacio Gutiérrez Agama / Reds 61/ 45:31.627
11 João Lopes Losi / RB 55/45:49.167
12 Bryan Baldó Mugen / Nova 50/ 45:16.817
13 Michael Todd Kyosho / Alpha 53/ 45:13.583
14 Romain Valter Hobbytech/ Picco-Boost 46/ 45:15.260
15 Carlos Durães S-Works / RB 31/  21:26.737

Link to full results

Link to Image gallery in Facebook

Link to Full Image Gallery

A-Main Video:

General View Video

Latest newMerlin_Race_2013s regarding the Merlin race 2013 to be Held in Madrid in a couple of weeks!!

Over 100 141 drivers have already registered to enter the Race. Thank you all!

It’s a pleasure for us to find out that our neigbourgh country, Portugal will be also taking part in the event, with drivers such as Miguel Matías, former European Champion and multiple world fianlist, Carlos Durães , Rodrigo Luis and current European «B» Champion, Ricardo Monteiro, among others.

The circuit has been recently renewed with a new layout designed by a famous BMX pilot, and the Merlin Race will mark the grand track re-opening.

There are just a few places left. You can join the Race in this link [Inscription closed]

The race will have live coverage by inforc.com.

2 hostesess will help us to welcome you and will, of course, deliver the trophie and prizes.


Updated 19/11/13

New Drivers confirmed:


Weather forecast

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We have the final dates for Merlin Race 2013.

Fuencarral track, near Madrid will host the 1st Merlin Race Edition.

It is an open entry, with prizes for all attendants and free fuel for everyone. Some Spanish Top drivers aare already confirmed, and some international big names will be soon revealed.


More news to come!

register for the race at: Clubcartt

Recommended hotel: Hotel Villa de Madrid – 5 minutes to the track