Last weekend we saw the last race for the 2011 Netherlands 18 Off Road Championship at Pumernend (North  Holland)

Jorg was clear favourite for overall victory, but he still had to place at least 3rd to secure the championship. Jeffrey Halsema, racing at home was the favourite to take the race. However, J. Van Leuken managed to TQ at the very last qualifying  second.

In the final, local driver Halsema confirmed the forecast and took the victory followed for the new Champion, Jorg Van Leuken.

NL_Champ2011 Champion, Jorg Van Leuken

1. Jeffrey Halsema – Mugen Seiki / O.S Engines
2. Jorg Van Leuken  – JQ / JQ / Merlin Fuel
3. Jordy Velder – Serpent / Werks

The overall 2011 Championship:
1. Jorg Van Leuken – JQ /  JQ /  Merlin Fuel
2. Jeffrey Halsema – Mugen Seiki / O.S. Engines
3. Paul Geelen Mugen – Seiki O.S. /  Engines

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Last weekend was already round 6 of the NK for 1:8 Buggy racers. During qualification there was a fierce battle in between Jorg van Leuken and Bart Mullink which came out in the advantage for Bart.

The finals however were another story and an exiting final was races between Bart and Jorg for which Jorg was simply the fastest with his JQ powered TecnoPower B02T and Merlin Fuel.


  1. Jorg van Leuken             The Car /Tecno Power / Merlin Fuel
  2. Bart Mullink                    Novarossi / Merlin Fuel
  3. Kay Koops                    Losi / Merlin Fuel

Last Sunday it was the final race of the Exceedcup. With 59 drivers for the last race it’s obvious that the guys from Exceedcup did a good job during the 2010 season.

The fact that hobby and sportsman class already knew their champion before the start of the last race didn’t slow the drivers. The battle for other top places was still going on.

We saw Jeffrey Halsema taking TQ in front of 2010 champion Jorg van Leuken and Paul Geelen.


A-final had 10 drivers, all sportsman class with exception of Rene Kuijpers. From the start there was no stopping on Jeffrey Halsema who’s Mugen Mbx6 simply outran the others and who lapped everyone during the race. We saw a battle for second place between Jorg van Leuken and Rene van Schaijk untill mechanical problems forced van Schaijk to drop down. Comfortable second place for van Leuken. Paul Geelen toke third place in front
of Jan Eichhorn and Dave Liekens.


Hobbyclass was won by Rene Kuijpers in front of 2010 champ Jasper van Duppen

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Last Sunday (June 20th) ,  the Astroturf  Track (Ormco) held the Xceed Buggy Cup Rd. 4

After 2 wet races, was time to enjoy a dry race including final.  Jorg Van Leuken (Xray – Nova – Merlin Fuel) TQ’ed after the qualifications.


Final Result:


1. Jorg Van Leuken X-ray Novarossi – Merlin Fuel Advance
2. Bart Mullink X-ray .. ..
3. Kevin Manders X-ray .. Merlin Fuel Advance
4. Paul Geelen Team Rmv – Mugen Ninja ..
5. Jan Eichorn Team Rmv – Mugen Werks
6. Matthijs Jansen Kyosho Orion ..
7. Jacco Koch Hong Nor .. ..
8. Jordy Velder Losi Werks
9. Jasper Van Duppen Team Rc Speedhouse – Mugen Ninja Merlin Fuel
10. Henoc Luis Associated


Hobby Class:

1. Jasper Van Duppen Team Rc Speedhouse – Mugen Ninja Merlin Fuel
2. Mathieau Van Dieten .. .. ..
3. Rajco van de Sluijs Hong Nor .. Merlin Fuel

After 4 rounds, the overall classification is as follows:


1. Jorg van Leuken X-ray Novarossi <span style="color

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auto-Ilja-NK-21-600x564The second round for 1/8 Onroad Netherlands Nats, was held last weekend at Ruchpen track.

A really interesting and exciting race were Ilia Van Gsatel made his first race as Merlin Team Driver.

Robin D’Hondt has written this text for us:

«Hey Everybody,

The second round of the Netherlands championship was held at the fast track of Rucphen. Weather forecast looked good, we only had a bit of rain on Friday night, which made training on Saturday morning impossible, but for the rest of the weekend the dark clouds would stay away from the track.

On Saturday afternoon I came on track and the setup felt pretty nice to begin with. I didn’t changed anything at first because I wanted more grip to come, so in the late afternoon I only started changing some small things like down stops, front springs and rear arm positions.

The later it got, the faster everyone went and soon we were with 5-6 people driving lap times in or close to 13.0 (track record 12.8 I was told).

On Sunday morning the

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The opening round of the Dutch 1/10th scale 200mm National Championship got underway at the Groningen track in the north of the country. Nice sunny weather greeted the racers and using a new qualifying NK1system that saw the drivers 3 best laps count towards your start position it was last year’s champion Pedro Rombouts that took the pole position ahead of Daan Jacobs, Jurgen Geerligs, Ricardo van Dam and Remy Moller, with a new system seeing the top 5 now qualifying directly into the main final. In the 30 minute main final Daan Jacobs was the first to retire, an accident on the 2nd lap ending his race. A lot of errors throughout the field on the bumpy track kept things interesting but up front Rombouts steamed ahead to win the race by 3 laps ahead of Ricardo van Dam in 2nd and Ruud Schuitmaker in 3rd, the only driver to do a tire stop in

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El pasado fin de semana se disputó la prueba inaugural del cto. de Holanda 1:1 en el circuito de Groningen, al Norte del país.  NK1

El actual campeón Pedro Rombouts, fue el dominador del evento y se impuso en la final, después de conseguir la pole.

La clasificación final fue:

1. Pedro Roombouts –  Xray – 107 laps

2. Ricardo Van Damm – Shepherd/Orion – 104 laps

3. Ruud Schuitmaker – Edam/Merlin Fuel – 103 laps

4. Jurgen Geerligs

5. Arco de Jong

Este año, se ha comabiado el sistema de clasificaciones, de modo que entran 5 clasificados directos a la fina, valorando además las tres mejores vueltas rápidas personales.

Enlace a la clasificación: <Link>

Fuente: Merlin Solutions

NK Podium 5

Robin D’Hondt reports from the 1st Round of Netherlands Nats.

The first round of the Netherlands championship was held at the track of Apeldoorn. Weather forecast wasn’t looking good, however it was dry on Saturday rain came on Sunday to bring an interesting scene in the final.


My arrival at the track on Saturday was much later as I wanted it to be due to traffic. I wanted to test many things but in the end I only had 2 hours of testing to make a good setup. The day before I setuped my car with the setup I think would of worked on the track (small track so high droop, much camber change, much offset) and … it worked !

With some minor adjustments to the car I was driving the same laptimes like John Ermen and Rick Vrielinck. So, happy with the cars performance but still having idea’s to make it better we had to call it a day because after 17 o’clock no engines can be started anymore.

Sunday morning it all looked rather wet, apparently it rained at night but with the sky

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El pasado fin de semana se disputó la última prueba del Cto. de Holanda 1:10 200 mm. en el circuito de Hemmestede.

La final se disputó en mojado y como novedad, hubo un participante descalificado por emplear aditivos para ruedas.

La clasificación final ha quedado como sigue:

1 Arie Manten
2 Rob Kuijper – Merlin Fuel
3 Rik Veenma – Merlin Fuel
4 Tjibbe Keller – Merlin Fuel
5 Danny Leewis – Merlin Fuel

6 John Ermen
7 Donny Blommers
8 Michiel Renting
9 Maurice van den Ijssel – Merlin Fuel
10 Daniel van der Drift

Pics from Red RC

Last weekend took place the erd round of the Netherland  Nat. Championship in Heemstede, near Amsterdam.

Martin Van Lierop Tq’ed with just a tenth of second ahead 2nd. classified. However he was the unchallegend winner in the Main Final.

Remy  Möller and Dan Jakobs both them with some problems left him to take a comfortable victory.

Ruud  Schuitmaker, finished 2nd followed by Jurgen Geerlings closing the podium,.


Merlin Fuel - NK3 Podium in Heemstede

Ruud gets a strong position for the Absolute Chamiponship, after his victory in Rd. 2 and his 2nd in the opening race.

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