The overall 1:8 On Road championship took place from July 8 to July 12th in Hildesheim south of Hanover.

Robin D’Hondt has sent us a report about the race:

«Here it is;

Last week the German championship of all regions was held at the track of Hildesheim.
Weather conditions from wednesday till sunday were not good. The track went constantly from dry to wet, so grip never really was constant …

so we all had little practice but the track had a very smooth line all around and after some small changes to my setup from Lostallo the car felt really good, smooth and reliable.

In qualifications i had 2 out of 5 dry qualifications, in the first Robert Pietsch had 23 laps in 5.13 and i had 22 laps in 4.59. In the last lap i ran out of fuel. (fastest lap 13.3)

In the second qualification i did get the 5 minutes and got 23 laps in 5.13, but Robert also improved his qualification to 5.12. After qualifications Eric Dankel and Patrick Schaeffer filled the top 4 with 22 laps

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Last weekend took place the 6th Rd for German Nats. West

Once more, the rain was the unwelcome guest to the race. After a driver meeting the Race was stopped and they decided to count the race following the heats order.

Picture: RED RC

1. Karl-Heinz Meister – Serpent / Mega / Xceed
2. Tobias Hepp – Serpent / Mega / Xceed / Merlin Fuel
3. Steven Cupyers – Mugen / Sirio / Enetti
4. Uwe Baldes – Motonica / Team Orion / Xceed
5. Alain Levy – Serpent / Novarossi / Xceed
6. Joerg Baldes – Motonica / Mega / Cosmic
7. Ralf Vahrenkamp – Serpent / Novarossi / Xceed
8. Christian Wurst – Motonica / Sirio / Matrix
9. Frank Schewiola – Serpent / Mega / Xceed / Merlin Fuel
10. Rainer Rosskothen – Mugen / Novarossi / RPM

Source; Red RC

Bad Bresig, close to Bonn, held last weekend the 4th round of German West 1:8 Nats.

Saturday was rainy, and no practice or qualifying was possible. The race director decided to offer two practice heats during Sunday Morning, once the track was dry.

Steven Cuypers TQ’ed followed by Tobias Hepp who matched the lap time.

1. Steven Cupyers 20 Runden 5.03.895 14.907
2. Tobias Hepp 20 Runden 5.06.252 14.907
3. Jörg Baldes 20 Runden 5.08.390 14.990
4. Karl Heinz Meister 19 Runden 5.00.209 15.205

The Main final was quite difficult with lot of incidents that went on after the race itself.TQ Steven Cuypers, had to retire before half time and some other drivers got several collisons.

Finally, Hepp, got the final

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Michael SalvenEl pasado fin de semana se celebró la 4ª prueba de la división Oeste del campeonato de Alemania 1:8 pista en el circuito de Hamm.

La práctica fue casi inexistente durante viernes y Sábado debido a la intensa lluvia.

El Domingo, con pista seca se disputaron las clasificatorias, dominadas por Michael Salven con su Serpent 960 alimentado por Merlin Fuel, seguido por Steven Cuypers y el reciente campeón Europeo Junior Tobias Hepp, ambos con Merlin Fuel.

Sin embargo justo antes de la final la intensa lluvia volvió a ser protagonista y los participantes decidieron no salir a pista, quedando como resultado final «pasado por agua» el orden de clasificación:

1. Michael Salven – Sepent – Mega – Merlin Fuel

2. Steven Cuypers – Serpent – Mega – Merlin Fuel

3. Tobias Hepp – Serpent – Mega – Merlin Fuel

Así pues, triplete descafeinado o pasado por Agua para Merlin Fuel en Alemania.

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