3 Hours Endurance at Heemstede 1:8 On Road

Last weekend  the 3 hours endurance race took place  at Heemstede (Netherlands).

Our dealer in the Netherlands is pleased to inform us that many Teams chose Merlin Fuel to race the event. 
Endurance Races need reliable products and many drivers highlighted the easy and stable tunning up with Merlin Fuel.

Danny Leewis took part in the race as  Serpent Team 1 Member and Remy Möller as  Serpent Team 2 member.

The most orange Team in Heemstede was the Mashop Team, (in the pircure)

The final victory was for Serpent Team 1 (Merlin) and the second place for Serpent Team 2 running both of them with Merlin Fuel.

More info at: http://www.merlinfuel.nl/

Champagne para celebrar el final de la prueba

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