Last weekend two races took place in Greece.

The 1/10th On Road ‘B’ Greek Federation and Truggy Masters 2010.

Merlin Fuel Drivers took honor places in both them.

The 1/10 scale National Championship Greek Federation, was held at Patra City, FRT2 Track.  Linkaris, (Shepherd – Picco – Merlin Fuel)  TQ’ed and set a new track record.


In Arena TRack (Near Athens), Stelios Madianos won the Truggy ‘B’ final

madianos truggy

Information: Velocity Models

Last weekend took place the 1/8 Onroad Speedmasters in Arena RC track, near Athens.

Leonidas Farmakis, (Serpent – Picco – Merlin Fuel) took the TQ and also the final victory.


Here is a video of the main final:

Top 3:

1. Leonidas Farmakis – Serpent – Picco – Merlin Fuel – 108 laps

2. John Doucakis – Motonica – 106 laps

3. Andreas Gianakakis – Kyosho – Merlin Fuel – 100 laps.

Info: Velocity Models.

Last weeken the Arena Race track in Athens held the 2nd round of the Greek R/C Buggy & Truggy Masters.

Stelios Madianos (Losi – Picco – Merlin Fuel) took the first palce in «B» categoy in both scales buggy and Truggy.


Karousos Aris (Losi – Picco – Merlin Fuel) took the 6th overall place in Truggy scale, in a race where about 35% of drivers chose Merlin Fuel.


Last Sunday the Club Aspropyros – Arena Track , near Athens held the 1/10 Traction XPERIENCE Race for 1/10 On-road scale.

The young Lykaris Vasilis, whos is a real newcommer (firts year racing), took the absolute victory, despite he was starting the race in «B» level.

Merlin Fuel at Arena Track - Athens

Final Result Top 3:

1. Lykaris Vasilis + X-Ray/Merlin Fuel 96 L – 30:07.291
2. Kisrkos Panayiotis Kyosho – 96 L – 30:15.407
3. Vlachopoulos Marios Kyosho – 93 L – 30:10.520


Last weekend took place the Kyosho Cup at Athens Aspropyrgos ARENA TRACK

Our dealer in Greece inform us about the race. This was the first official race in Greece for Merlin Fuel, and they were waiting to this race to confirm the good results in the previous training  tests.

The final results were:

1st.Abdel Halim Nadir George – Merlin Fuel

2nd.Lignos Akis

3d.Kyritsakis Michael

Rally Game is an upcoming scale in Greece. Final winner, George Abdel, surprised rest of finalists running the whole final under 90ºC with great engine power, when the average engine temperature was clearly over  115ºC.

He got impressed with the performance of the new Pro-Racing EVO 1 Fuel, that corroborates the results in previous tests.

Thanks to Velocity Models for the info.

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