The Nordic European Chamipoships took place last weekend at Gotherborg track (Sweden).

Alexander Hagberg took the final victory and he has sent us a report about the race.

Merlin Fuel dominates Nordic Championships

The Nordic European Championships were held at the beautiful Väst-8 facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. I arrived at the track on Wednesday before the race to run in new engines and fine tune my starting setup.
The car felt good from the start and I went faster as traction gradually increased.

In qualifying I could win all 4 rounds easily with an overall TQ time of 4 seconds in front of Mugen driver Mikael Fransson. My TQ run was the quickest ever on this track and I also set a new lap record of 14.95. Norwegian XRAY driver Adrian Berntsen showed a good pace and could qualify as 3rd overall. Martin Christensen from Denmark ran a prototype Shepherd car, but had various technical problems and could only manage 4th spot.

For the final the weather was

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Last weekend the Årsunda Track held the 2nd round of 1:10 Swedish Nats.

Our Team Driver, Per-Ola hard, took the final vitory, TQ’ed and set a new laptime record in the track.

He has sent us a  report about the Race:

«Swedish National Series R:2
In the weekend of 23-24:th of May the second round of the Swedish national series was held in the middle of Sweden in a village called Årsunda.

The track is very technical and nowadays a bit bumpy so demanding for both the car and the setup, so some of the drivers started to practice allready on the Friday to get to know the track. Myself and some other drivers arrived Saturday morning to a wet track after some light rain the evening before, traction was very low so it was decided together with the drivers to add a little bit of sugar water during controlled practice to get the track in decent shape.

Saturday saw four rounds of qualifying first three dry ones in good weather and the last fourth one unfortunately

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Alexander Hargberg has recently joined Merlin Fuel Team.
Alexander is a well known dirver in EP Racing, 1:10 and 1:12th scales.

This year he will be racing nitro for first time, in preparation for the  2010 EC in Gothenburg. He has sent us this report about his first ever Nitro powered race.

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Merlin Fuel llega a Suecia de la mano de su nuevo importador, HOBBYPRODUKTER.

Hobby Produkter
Esta emrpesa tiene una larga tradición en el páis Nórdico y está especializada en automodelismo tanto en pista como todo terreno.

Hobbyprodukter cuenta con su propio equipo de competición, compuesto por los pilotos más representativos del país.



Hobby Produkter Racing Team