Nordic Championships

The Nordic European Chamipoships took place last weekend at Gotherborg track (Sweden).

Alexander Hagberg took the final victory and he has sent us a report about the race.

Merlin Fuel dominates Nordic Championships

The Nordic European Championships were held at the beautiful Väst-8 facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. I arrived at the track on Wednesday before the race to run in new engines and fine tune my starting setup.
The car felt good from the start and I went faster as traction gradually increased.

In qualifying I could win all 4 rounds easily with an overall TQ time of 4 seconds in front of Mugen driver Mikael Fransson. My TQ run was the quickest ever on this track and I also set a new lap record of 14.95. Norwegian XRAY driver Adrian Berntsen showed a good pace and could qualify as 3rd overall. Martin Christensen from Denmark ran a prototype Shepherd car, but had various technical problems and could only manage 4th spot.

For the final the weather was very unpredictable and the first 20 minutes was run on a wet track. However after consultation with my mechanic we decided in the last minute which wet tire to use and the choice proved to be the right one since I had a lot more traction than the competition. The difference was so big, that by the 10 minute mark I had built up a 5 lap lead. By the 4th pit stop the track had dried almost completely so we decided to switch to foam tires. Even though the tire change made me loose almost 3 laps I still had a comfortable lead to 2nd placed Magnus Vässmar. The positions stayed like this all the way to the finish line after a trouble free race also on the dry track.

Overall I had a very fast engine with low fuel consumption thanks to Merlin Fuel!

All in all it was another great win for me with Merlin Fuel and I am now looking forward to the EFRA GP which is held at this track in July. I want to thank my mechanic Niclas Nilsson, Edwin Suneson, Klas Runesson among others for all the help.

Final results

1 Alexander Hagberg – 149 laps – Merlin Fuel
2 Magnus Vässmar – 146 laps
3 Adrian Berntsen – 142 laps
4 Bengt Andersson – 139 laps – Merlin Fuel
5 Tom Erik Haaversen – 139 laps
6 Frank Andersen – 139 laps – Merlin Fuel
7 Mikael Fransson – 125 laps
8 Mickael Brandt – 117 laps
9 Per-Ola Hård – 114 laps – Merlin Fuel
10 Martin Christensen – 34 laps»

Thanks to Alexander for his nice report and congratulations for the victory.

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