Last Sunday, took place the Endurance Reg. Championships of Catalunya at RACBSA track near Barcelona.

7 teams with 2 members each, took part in the 3 hours non-stop race. The race was quite difficult due to mud in the track that made difficult the driving for the first half of it.

Carlos Pineda and Josep Galisteo Managed to refuel over 7:30 minutes with the new Merlin Pro-racing EVO 1, what gave them a good advantage for such a long race.

After a fake first start, due to some technical problems, Jaume Figuls/Pedro Villalba took some advantage and they were leading the race.

However they lost the leading position in the first relay, when Pineda/Galisteo started to push hard and they maintained the leading position until the end of the race.

The final classification;

1 Carlos Pineda – Josep Galisteo Mugen MBX6/RB/DLD/Merlin fuel 295v 2 Jaume

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We have received from France 2 videos about the Merlin Enduro Race that took place recently at Toulouse.
In the first video, you can notice that not only the cars are fast.

Merlin Enduro Race 2008 Start

Merlin Enduro Race 2008 Restart

Nos envían desde Francia dos vídeos con la primera salida de la Merlin Enduro Race, que se celebró recientemente en Toulouse y otro con la salida de la segunda ronda de 3 horas después del descanso.
Como veréis, no sólo corren los coches.

Salida Merlin Enduro Race

Merlin enduro Race Restart

Last weekend took place the Merlin Enduro Race at GTBRCF track in Toulouse.

No doubt it was a hard test for cars, engines and also drivers, making 6 hours over the Frech track. Everything was perfectly organized by the GTB Rc Club and the weather was great for a racing day.
The endurance race was divided in two series of 3 hours each.
After the 3 hours in the morning the provisional results were;

1/ Team Sapacepa 410 tours
2/ Fashion team 400 tours
3/ Team Gazafond 398 tours

After the lunch break the race started again and the final classification was:

1. GAZAFOND Team 1°/ 794 T 07:29:41.30 ↑
2. SAPACEPA Team 2°/ 792 T 07:30:15.51↓
3. FASHION Team 3°/ 721 T 07:30:14.63↓
4. CHALLENGER Team 4°/ 633 T 07:30:14.38
5. SAUCISSES Team 5°/ 534 T 07:30:17.55
6. CASTELISATORS Team 6°/ 495 T 06:08:45.62

So after 6 hours race just 2 laps between the 1st and 2nd classified,

Picture credit: Jean Pierre Odille

Full picture gallery clicking on this image;

Link to Team Members

<a href="http://www.automodelisme.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3085

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Next Sunday, October 26th will take place the «Merlin Enduro Race 2008» in Toulouse – France.
It will be a 3 hour Team Endurance Race. 6 teams with 4 drivers each, will dispute the Trophy.

The race will take place at «Club GTBRC» track in Toulouse.

Team 1 – Team Spacepa:

Romuald Derenne (Former On-Road French Champion), Gilles Chandonnay, Mathieu Brière (Former 1/5 Euro Champion, Vice-world Champion 1/5), Stephane Matéo (Regional Champion)

Tamiya TG10 – OS TZ12 Gilles Tuned – PMT Tires – Stratus – Merlin Fuel Pro Racing 16 – EVOI

Team 2 – Team Gazafond

Arce Sylvian, Nguyen Van Philippe, Ferrandiz Patrick,

Xray NT1 – RB R3Rc, RB Speed Line – Stratus 3.1. – Merlin Fuel Pro Racing 16 – EVOI

Equipo 3 – Team Challenger

Valentin Bailleul, Jean-Yves Urso, Georges Ribera, Pierre Prosper

Xray NT1 – RB V12 – Merlin Fuel Pro Racing 16 – EVOI

Team 4 – Team Sausicess

Olivier Denoy, Jeff Dumont, Vincent

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Last weekend took place the «12 horas de Rubí» endurance race in Rubí (near Barcelona).  This is a really hard endurance test, not only for car an engine, but for the drivers as well.

12 Horas de Rubí - Merlin Fuel

15 Teams, met in Rubí to complete over 13.000 laps to the Track.
After just five years, this meeting, is becoming a Rally Game Classic in Spain.

Starting the race at 0,00 and finishing 12 hours later, everything can happen.

The Final Classification:
1. Hobby Play Ultimate – 1492 laps

2. Hobby Play Extreme – 1238 laps

3. Flypistons                   – 1195 laps

4. Las Gallinitas            – 1121 laps

5. Team Tarragona      –  1092 laps

6. Hobbyplay 1 Racing  – 980 laps

7. Kibema Racing T

8. Hobby Play 2

9. Hobby Play 3

10. Seta Team

11. RC Racing BCN

12. RC Barcelona                                                                                                                                    

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Last weekend  the 3 hours endurance race took place  at Heemstede (Netherlands).

Our dealer in the Netherlands is pleased to inform us that many Teams chose Merlin Fuel to race the event. 
Endurance Races need reliable products and many drivers highlighted the easy and stable tunning up with Merlin Fuel.

Danny Leewis took part in the race as  Serpent Team 1 Member and Remy Möller as  Serpent Team 2 member.

The most orange Team in Heemstede was the Mashop Team, (in the pircure)

The final victory was for Serpent Team 1 (Merlin) and the second place for Serpent Team 2 running both of them with Merlin Fuel.

More info at: http://www.merlinfuel.nl/

Champagne para celebrar el final de la prueba

Recientemente se ha celebrado una prueba muy especial. Las 4ª edición de las 12 horas de resistencia de
Rubí (Barcelona) Se trata de una prueba diferente, tanto por su duración, como en esta ocasión por el horario
de la prueba. Comenzó la prueba el día 30 de junio a las 0,00 h y se prolongó hasta las 12:00 del día 1 de Julio. Los coches se equiparon con luces para la carrera nocturna. Además de la espectacularidad del evento en sí, se una dura prueba para los coches y sobre todo para los motores.

Foto cortesía de Flypistons jagrs01