Endurance Catalunya 2008

Last Sunday, took place the Endurance Reg. Championships of Catalunya at RACBSA track near Barcelona.

7 teams with 2 members each, took part in the 3 hours non-stop race. The race was quite difficult due to mud in the track that made difficult the driving for the first half of it.

Carlos Pineda and Josep Galisteo Managed to refuel over 7:30 minutes with the new Merlin Pro-racing EVO 1, what gave them a good advantage for such a long race.

After a fake first start, due to some technical problems, Jaume Figuls/Pedro Villalba took some advantage and they were leading the race.

However they lost the leading position in the first relay, when Pineda/Galisteo started to push hard and they maintained the leading position until the end of the race.

The final classification;

1 Carlos Pineda – Josep Galisteo Mugen MBX6/RB/DLD/Merlin fuel 295v
2 Jaume Figuls – Pedro Villalba Losi 8eight/Ninja/DLD/ 287v
3 Miki Jardi – Willy Gato Mugen MBX5R/OS/GRP/… 277v
4 Davi Comas – Lluis Franquesa Asso RC8/Thunder/… 265v
5 Jorge Navarro – Josep Sauri Mugen MBX5R/…… 252v
6 Adri Hernandex- Alex Calatayud Asso RC8/GRP/GRP/ 241v
7 David Ayats – Joan Serra Asso RC8/SIIM/Proline/ 170v

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