Off Road

Last weekend the 4th and last round of Spanish Nats 1/8 Off Road took place at Silla (Valencia)


Matching the weather forecast, we had some rain on Friday, that forced to stop heating series. However this rain helped to eliminate dust from the track and increase the grip, leaving a very nice surface for Saturday and Sunday.


On saturday, Robert Batlle TQ’ed followed by Andrés Marcelino and Borja Hernández.

«A» semi final was won by Robert Batlle while the rising star Ignacio Candel took «B» semi final, anticipating the final result.

With this Victory Batlle makes 4 of 4th in  2012 Spanish nats and 5 in a row.

Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Robert Batlle TQ Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 63/ 45:37.189
2 Ignacio Candel Mugen / RB 62/ 45:38.692
3 Borja Hernández LRP / Alpha 62/ 45:39.102
4 Bryan Baldó Mugen / Nova 61/ 45:.14.864
5 Oscar Baldó Mugen / Nova 61/ 45:19.241
6 Jorge Soler Mugen / OS 61/ 45:33.895
7 Javi Pombo Mugen / Nova 60/ 45:12.175
8 Alberto García Serpent / RB 60/ 45:.22.075
9 Andrés Marcelino Mugen / Argus 60/45:22.467
10 Albert Navarro Mugen / Nova 60/ 45:34.963
11 Ramón Nuño TLR / nVision 59/45:08.911
12 Adrián Pérez Mayoral XRay / Boss 50/ 45:16.817


Also final season Trophies were given in Silla.

Final_Temporada Overall 2012 Top Three

Spanish Nats 2012:

1. Robert Batlle
2. Ignacio Candel
3. Bryan Baldó

Also the +40 Final took place with the following top Three:

1. Roberto Díez Kyosho / Tecnopower / Merlin Fuel
2. Jaime Puche
3. Juan Marcial

Final +40

Fotos: Picassa Luismicc


Neobuggy pubicó una entrevista en vídeo con Robert Batlle, tras coquistar el warm-up del Cto. del Mundo em Argentina.

Aquí la transcripción en Español:

«Cuando llegamos todo el mundo decía que era una pista muy fácil»

NB: Robert, nos puedes hacer un pequeño resumen de la final y contarnos las principales incidencias?

RB: Bien… Desde el principio sabíamos que Ronnefalk era bastante más rápido que nosotros. Empezamos la final con el número seis porque elegimos más el compuesto de goma en la semi-final. Desde el principio, decidí ir tan rápido como fuera posible pero sin golpes o vuelcos, porque sabíamos que Ronnefalk nos sacaba unas cuantas décimas por vuelta. De modo que decidí concentrarme en no cometer errores y conducir tan rápido como fuera posible… Es todo…. En lo que refiere a incidentes; al principio éramos 5 o 6 pilotos luchando. Sé que una vez choqué contra Cavalieri, lo siento, he hablado con él hace un poco y poco más… Estaba

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The Speed Paradise facilities, near Buenos Aires, saw Merlin Team Driver Robert Batlle win the 2012 Worlds Warmup.

D. Ronnefalk set the peace during qualifying and seemed unaffordable. But 1 hour final is really long and anything can happen. So Robert, as usual was driving smoothly and planned a good fuel strategy allowing him to visit the pitlane once less than Ronnefalk.


The first position was held in the first laps by Cavalieri and Savoya, but soon Ronnefalk took the lead and opened a big gap leaving Batlle, Savoya and Cavalieri fighting for the second place.

With just 8 minutes to go  Robert Took the lead and Ronnefalk had several mistakes that made him go down to 6th place.


The final result:

Final result:

Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Robert Batlle – ES Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 78 / 60:25.0
2 Jared Tebo – USA Kyosho / Orion 77 / 60:01.7
3 Ryan Cavalieri – USA Associated / Orion 77/ 60:09.3
4 Reno Savoya – FR XRay / RB 77 / 60:44.6
5 Ty Tessemann – CAN HB / O.S. 77 / 60:45.7
6 David Rionnefalk – SWED Kyosho / Orion 76/ 58.58.0
7 Cody King – USA Kyosho / Orion 76/ 60:35.3
8 Billy easton – USA Serpent / Nova 72/ 60:00.0
9 Jesse Roberts – USA HB / O.S. 70/ 57:10.3
10 Teemu Leino – FIN HB / LRP 69/ 59:69.0
11 Miguel Matias – PT TLR / RB 50/ 42:48.7
12 Dakotah Phend TLR / Orion 47/ 37:35.6

Neobuggy has published an interview with Batlle right after the final:



Last week the 3rd. round of Spanish Nats was held at ATV Racing Club in Valladolid.


91 drivers attended the race with a nice sunny weather during the whole weekend except Friday, when a few rain drops appeared. Not enough anyway to disturb the race.

During Saturday Qualifications Robert Batlle was the fastest, followed by Andrés Marcelino and Daniel Bernabé.


Batlle had a trouble in A-Semifinal, and had to fight to keep a 4th place. Finally he got the «5» for the final. Quite unsual for the lastest years.

On A-Final Dani Vega took the lead for the first laps with a close fight with behind for the second place between Ignacio Candel and Andrés Marcelino.

Batlle had to wait 29 laps to get the first position, that was kept until the end of the Race. Daniel Vega crashed against a rolled car in the double jump, saying goodbye to his chance in the race.

With this victory (3/3) Robert Batlle secures 2012 Championship. Congratulations!!!

Valladolid 2012

Final result:

Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Robert Batlle Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 79 / 45:17.335
2 Ignacio Candel Mugen / RB 78 / 45:03.414
3 Ramón Nuño Losi / Nvision 78/ 45:26.604
4 Borja Hernández LRP / Alpha 77 / 45:08.822
5 Albert Navarro Mugen / Nova 77 / 45:11.729
6 Juanma Vera XRay / Nova 76/ 45.16.673
7 Michael Todd Mugen / Nova 76/ 45:32.509
8 Alejandro Daras Mugen / Picco 74/ 45:34.798
9 Andrés Marcelino Mugen / Argus 73/ 45:34.750
10 Bryan Baldó Mugen / Nova 72/ 45:24.598
11 Daniel Vega Agama / Reds 61/ 35:37.378
12 Daniel Bernabé S-Works / RB 22/ 12:57.844



It was held in the north of holland in Friesland EE the track surface was grass Saturday there were some people to train weather was not very good temperature was good but there was very much wind very difficult to land your car right after the jumps. In the evening around 3 O’clock rain was starting to fall very hard and in the morning the grass track changed into muddy surface and for the buggy’s it was very heavy to drive. First qualification round was wet but some guys decided to drive, First qualification round was one by JQ driver rajco van der sluijs he drove 11 rounds in 5.26 so TQ for First round. Second qualification round was won by TLR driver Bart Mullink he drove 11 rounds in 5.01, so he TQed the second round. For the third round of qualification heavy rain started to fall and some guys didn’t even set a time, jeffrey halsema also didn’t set a time so he decided to start Q3 and also bart mullink and some other drivers decide

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The Warm up for European Championship 2012 has finished today at Fehring, Austria. The rain forced the race Director to cancel the main final after 9 minutes.

So that the semi-final qualification is taken into account, giving Robert Batlle the final victory together with Davide Tortorici.


Robert had been the clear dominator of controlled practice on Friday, setting a strong peace. However a mistake in qualifications made him finishing on 5th. Eventhough in his twitter account he said he felt confident for Sunday

This video belongs to controlled practice:

Final Result.

1. Robert Batlle (ES)  – Mugen – Novarossi – Merlin Fuel 1. Davide Tortorici (IT) 3. Elliot Boots (UK) – Kyosho 3. Neil Cragg (UK) 5. David Ronnefalk (SE) 5. Alex Zanchettin (IT) 7. Miguel

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The 2012 Montpellier marks the season start in Europe.

With 196 driver attending the race we saw a new Victory of Merlin Fuel Powered Robert Batlle, showing that he is as strong as in the end of 2011 season.

Reno Savoya TQ’ed followed by Elliot Boots and Jerome Sartel. Battle finished 6th. Also Carlos Pineda finished 13, flying directly into semi-final, where a old silicon oil ruined any chance of acieving the main fianl.


The final was pretty interesting with a close fight between Batlle and Savoya. Also Elliot Boots was near, but suffered a problem.

Finally Batlle took the victory for just 6 seconds.

Final Result:

1. Robert Batlle – Mugen / Novarossi / Merlin Fuel Advance – 92/60:00.9 2. Reno Savoya – Xray / RB                                                                 – 92/60:06.9 3. Martin Bayer – Xray / Nvision                                                          

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Last weekend we saw Tarraco Race 2012, held at Santa Oliva Track, near Mediterranean.

Both forecasts, racing and weather were good. So that Robert Batlle was clear dominator of the event and the weather was warm and Sunny.

This is the Top 3:

1. Robert Batlle – Mugen/Novarossi / Merlin Fuel Advance
2. Jaume Figuls
3. Francisco Saura

Tarraco Race

This video shows some laps with Batlle during Saturday Heats.

Last weekend we saw the 1st Round (1/3) for the Hobby Auto Winter challenge. Took place at Santa Perpetua track.


This was the final result:

1. Jaume Figuls – Mugen – Novarossi
2. Francisco Saura – Mugen / Novarossi
3. Gerard Roig – Mugen/Tecnpopower/Merlin Fuel
4. Marc Vanrell – Serpent / Sirio
5. Eric Laredo – Xray/Sirio/Merlin Fuel
6. Javi Ortigosa – Mugen / Mega / Merlin Fuel
7. Luis Meca – Mugen / OS / Merlin Fuel
8. Albert Vicent – Na/Na/Na
9. David Villaseñor – Mugen / OS
10. Pedro Villaba – Mugen / OS / Merlin Fuel
11. Jan Serra – Mugen / O.S.
12. Francisco Muñoz – Mugen / Alpha / Merlin Fuel
13. Flavio Nicolazzi – Mugen / OS
14. Alex Valls – Mugen / Axe / Merlin Fuel


Our friends from, the largest Spanish RC community, placed a special camera right in the head of Robert Batlle and recorded one heat during the last Round of Spanish Nats. We have seen some images from on-car cameras, wide angle circuit cameras, but this  driver POV images are adding the idea about how the real player is feeling the race.

Here is the result:

Merlin Fuel

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