Last week the 3rd. round of Spanish Nats was held at ATV Racing Club in Valladolid.


91 drivers attended the race with a nice sunny weather during the whole weekend except Friday, when a few rain drops appeared. Not enough anyway to disturb the race.

During Saturday Qualifications Robert Batlle was the fastest, followed by Andrés Marcelino and Daniel Bernabé.


Batlle had a trouble in A-Semifinal, and had to fight to keep a 4th place. Finally he got the «5» for the final. Quite unsual for the lastest years.

On A-Final Dani Vega took the lead for the first laps with a close fight with behind for the second place between Ignacio Candel and Andrés Marcelino.

Batlle had to wait 29 laps to get the first position, that was kept until the end of the Race. Daniel Vega crashed against a rolled car in the double jump, saying goodbye to his chance in the race.

With this victory (3/3) Robert Batlle secures 2012 Championship. Congratulations!!!

Valladolid 2012

Final result:

Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Robert Batlle Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 79 / 45:17.335
2 Ignacio Candel Mugen / RB 78 / 45:03.414
3 Ramón Nuño Losi / Nvision 78/ 45:26.604
4 Borja Hernández LRP / Alpha 77 / 45:08.822
5 Albert Navarro Mugen / Nova 77 / 45:11.729
6 Juanma Vera XRay / Nova 76/ 45.16.673
7 Michael Todd Mugen / Nova 76/ 45:32.509
8 Alejandro Daras Mugen / Picco 74/ 45:34.798
9 Andrés Marcelino Mugen / Argus 73/ 45:34.750
10 Bryan Baldó Mugen / Nova 72/ 45:24.598
11 Daniel Vega Agama / Reds 61/ 35:37.378
12 Daniel Bernabé S-Works / RB 22/ 12:57.844



Last weekend the last round of Spanish 1/8 Off-Roads Nats was held at Fuencarral (Madrid).

Under a typical a summer weather, 122 drivers took part in the race.

Robert Batlle was the main favorite for the title. A 4th place in the race was enough to secure his 6th Nat Championship. Also Borja Hernández and Richi Gómez were involved in the fight and they had serious options finishing ahead Batlle.

After a discreet first heat, Robert Batlle was first in Q2 and Q3, taking the TQ, followed by Bryan Baldó and Borja Hernández.

Merlin Fuel _ Robert Batlle Pole

A Main final was a close fight between Batlle and Alberto García who was racing at his home track. Finally Robert managed to get a good pace and took some gap over Alberto García who finished second ahead former European Champion Dani Vega, also racing at home.

Batlle Fuencarral

The A-main results:

1. Robert Batlle – Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 2. Alberto García – Serpent / RB 3. Dani Vega – Agama

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The 3rd Round for Spanish 1/8 Onroad NAts, took place in Vigo (Northwest Spain) last weekend.

Drivers were not happy on Friday due to the rain. saturday was expected as a rainy day again. However, before the afternoon, the sun finally appeared to dry the track and let the race go.

Oscar Cabezas TQ’ed for this race making over 10 TQ’s in a row in the Spanish Championship.

1. Oscar Cabezas – Motonica / Vox / Merlin Fuel
2. Víctor González Kyosho / OS
3. Carlos Peracho
4. Nacho López Serpent / Max Power

The final was really disputed. In the very first laps, Oscar realizaed that he had not the proper engine tunning, having a rich carburation. So that he decided to have a conservative fuel strategy, what made him refuel twice more than his direct rivals.

Eventhough he managed to do most of the final in 1-2nd position.

The last lap he was on second position, and right in this lap, Nacho López who was first, felt a lack of fuel in his Serpent, and had to make a «pass trough

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The second round for Spanish 1/8th Onroad took place yesterday at Almussafes, Valencia.

Oscar Cabezas with his Vox engine fueled by Merlin Pro-Racing made 4 of 4 in the qualy giving no option to his rivals.


Weather forecast was not really good, but finally the Weather Man was wrong and there was no problem during the whole weekend.

The main final had not big history in the first position. Óscar Cabezas started 1st. and was followed closely by Nacho López who had a different fuel strategy. Right after the Tyre Stop, Nacho López had a mechanical trouble and could not fight for the victory.


Cabezas set a new lap record with 17:405

Final Result:

1 Oscar Cabezas Motonica – Vox – Merlin Fuel 145 -45:05.910 TQ
2 Victor González Kyosho – OS 140- 45:16.578
3 Sergio Montesinos O. Xray – Novarossi 139-45:07.298
4 Nacho López Lluch Serpent 139-45:13.514
5 Javier Leon Trilles Serpent – Merlin Fuel 136-45:03.740
6 Joaquín Signes Rubio 128-45:18.386
7 Victor Peláez Olivares Serpent 121-38:53.518
8 Carlos Peracho Heras 104-45:03.547
9 Vicente Eres (M40) Mugen – Nova – Merlin Fuel 91-29:41.546
10 Francisco Suarez R. (+40) 39-12:37.50

Next rd. will be in Vigo Northwest on July 10th

Se ha celebrado la segunda del Nacional de Pista 1/8 y Oscar ha conseguido vencer la prueba, hacer la Pole-Position, vuelta rápida y nuevo récord de la pista dejándolo en 17 segundos y 405 centésimas. Oscar logró batir también el récord absoluto de la pista en clasificatorias dando 24 vueltas en 7 minutos 9 segundos y 575 centésimas.


Las clasificatorias como ha ocurrido en las carreras durante los últimos años han sido para Oscar, el “dueño de la Pole”, nadie es capaz de batirlo.

En la final, la primera parte fue un duelo entre el Motonica-Vox de Oscar Cabezas y el Serpent de Nacho López aunque siempre lideró la carrera Oscar, después del cambio de ruedas el segundo clasificado tiene un problema mecánico que le retrasa lo suficiente para que la segunda parte de la prueba sea un paseo triunfal para el piloto de Motonica-Merlin Fuel hasta la bajada de la bandera ajedrezada que sacó cinco vueltas al segundo clasificado.


En final hubo

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The renewed  Antas Track in almeria (Southern Spain), held the 1st Rd. of Spanish 1/8th Off Road Nats.

Some new faces in the A main final, including the local ace Iván Carmona, but same winner as in the last 4 rounds; Robert Batlle.


Final result:

1. Robert Batlle – Mugen – Novarossi – Merlin Fuel – 76 laps – 45:25.210 2. L. Ignacio Candel – Mugen – Ninja – 75 laps – 45:20.191 3. Daniel Bernabé – Mugen – Ninja – 75 laps – 45:23.753 4. Bryan Baldó – Mugen – Novarossi – 75 laps – 45:31.318 5. Borja Hernández – Mugen – Ninja – 75 laps – 45:32.311 6. Iván Carmona – Losi – Nitrotec –  74 laps – 45:10.199 7. Rubén Baranco – 74 laps – 45:15.937 8. Daniel Vega – Agama – Orion –  73 laps – 45:00.085 9

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The last round for Spanish 1/8 Nat Championship was held in ARCA track, near Madrid last Sunday.

Main candidates for overall title were Carlos Peracho and Nacho López after previous race in Valladolid where Oscar lost most of the chance due to an inopportune belt breaking while he was leading the race.

So Oscar had to win the race and expect his main rivals to finish below 4th.


Oscar Cabezas was 1st qualified in the 4 rounds, follwed by main rivals, Carlos Peracho and Nacho López:

1. Oscar Cabezas Motonica – Nova – Merlin Fuel – 24 L – 7:00.435
2. Carlos Peracho – Velox – IDM – 24 L – 7:07.175
3. Nacho López – Serpent – Nova – 24 L – 7:07.212

Right on the A Final starting Carlos Peracho had a trouble in the gear box, and lost all the chances, losing more than 2 minutes. Nacho López had some trouble in lap 37 with a electronic connector, losing the control of his Serpent.In the meanwhile, Oscar Cabezas was leading the race comfortably.

Just to add some excitement

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Last Sunday the Cerdanyola Modelcar Track, near Barcelona, held the 1st round of the Spanish 1:10 200mm. Championship. The event drew 84 drivers ready to open 2009 season.
Xabier Arana TQ’ed, followed by Rodrigo Pahissa, Iñaky Pahissa and Johnny Pastor, after an intense Qualifying Saturday.

The main Final, was clearly dominated by Iñaky Pahissa who took the first position after the first pit-stop and kept it for the whole race.
The fight for the 2-4th places was very interesting and we saw 5 drivers fighting and swapping positions to reach the honor places. Bad luck for TQ Xabier Arana who lost his 3rd. place 3 minutes before the race Finish. Rodrigo Pahissa was right behind him and took his opportunity to step on the podium together with his brother.

Rodrigo Pahissa, made the fastest lap in Main final and set a new Track laptime record.

The final results:

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