Spanish Championship 1:10 200 mm. Rd1

Last Sunday the Cerdanyola Modelcar Track, near Barcelona, held the 1st round of the Spanish 1:10 200mm. Championship. The event drew 84 drivers ready to open 2009 season.
Xabier Arana TQ’ed, followed by Rodrigo Pahissa, Iñaky Pahissa and Johnny Pastor, after an intense Qualifying Saturday.

The main Final, was clearly dominated by Iñaky Pahissa who took the first position after the first pit-stop and kept it for the whole race.
The fight for the 2-4th places was very interesting and we saw 5 drivers fighting and swapping positions to reach the honor places. Bad luck for TQ Xabier Arana who lost his 3rd. place 3 minutes before the race Finish. Rodrigo Pahissa was right behind him and took his opportunity to step on the podium together with his brother.

Rodrigo Pahissa, made the fastest lap in Main final and set a new Track laptime record.

The final results:


1. Iñaky Pahissa – Xray – Max Power – Merlin Fuel

2. Ramón Guasch – Kyosho

3. Rodrigo Pahissa – Xray – Max Power – Merlin Fuel

4. Jaime Lacuesta

5. Eduardo Escandón

6. Xabier Arana

7. Javier Alonso

8. Joseba Dehesa

9. Johnny Pastor

10. Hugo Santos


Nice season Starting for Merlin Team with the second victory in Spanish «A»  Nat  Rounds for Iñaky and the first Spanish Nat. championship podium for his young brother Rodri.

Congratulations to Pahissa Brothers for their brilliant performance and result. We are sure we will see them again in Top positions during this season.

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