Oscar Cabezas is Spanish Nat Champion

The last round for Spanish 1/8 Nat Championship was held in ARCA track, near Madrid last Sunday.

Main candidates for overall title were Carlos Peracho and Nacho López after previous race in Valladolid where Oscar lost most of the chance due to an inopportune belt breaking while he was leading the race.

So Oscar had to win the race and expect his main rivals to finish below 4th.


Oscar Cabezas was 1st qualified in the 4 rounds, follwed by main rivals, Carlos Peracho and Nacho López:

1. Oscar Cabezas Motonica – Nova – Merlin Fuel – 24 L – 7:00.435
2. Carlos Peracho – Velox – IDM – 24 L – 7:07.175
3. Nacho López – Serpent – Nova – 24 L – 7:07.212

Right on the A Final starting Carlos Peracho had a trouble in the gear box, and lost all the chances, losing more than 2 minutes. Nacho López had some trouble in lap 37 with a electronic connector, losing the control of his Serpent.In the meanwhile, Oscar Cabezas was leading the race comfortably.

Just to add some excitement Oscar had a mechanic trouble that made him lost about 1:30. However he had a good gap with 2nd and lost just one place, finishing on second place and taking his 4th Spanish National Title. Joaquín Villegas (Velox-Max) got his first Victory in a Spanish Round.


Madrid final result:

1. Joaquín Villegas (Velox – Max)- 145 L – 45:10.015
2. Óscar Cabezas (Motonica – NOvarossi – Merlin Fuel) – 142 L – 45:13.963
3. Victor González (Kyosho – OS) – 141 L – 45:02.119
4.- Sergio Montesinos (Nova) – 139 L – 45:04.914
5.- Juanmi Delgado (MRX4-Nova) – 139 L – 45:08.003
6.- Cristian Lopez
7.- Carlos Peracho (Velox-IDM)
8.- Nacho Lopez (966-NovaJBTRC)
9.- Paco Lara (966-NovaJBTRC)
10.- Alberto Alonso (Velox-OS)



Link to results

This year 4 different drivers have won the 4 rounds.

Cerdanyola – Barcelona – 1st.
1.- Carlos Peracho
2.- Carles Echarri
3.- Joaquín Villegas
1.- Óscar Cabezas
2.- Nacho López
3.- Victor González

Valladolid – 3rd
1.- Nacho Lopez
2.- Carlos Peracho
3.- Sergio Montesinos

Alcobendas – Madrid 4th
1.- Joaquin Villegas
2.- Óscar Cabezas
3.- Victor González

So 4 winner and one Champion. congratualtions to Oscar and his team for his 4th Championship.

Source: Own and ngracing.com

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