Robert Batlle & Merlin Fuel are 2011 Spanish Champions

Last weekend the last round of Spanish 1/8 Off-Roads Nats was held at Fuencarral (Madrid).

Under a typical a summer weather, 122 drivers took part in the race.

Robert Batlle was the main favorite for the title. A 4th place in the race was enough to secure his 6th Nat Championship. Also Borja Hernández and Richi Gómez were involved in the fight and they had serious options finishing ahead Batlle.

After a discreet first heat, Robert Batlle was first in Q2 and Q3, taking the TQ, followed by Bryan Baldó and Borja Hernández.

Merlin Fuel _ Robert Batlle Pole

A Main final was a close fight between Batlle and Alberto García who was racing at his home track. Finally Robert managed to get a good pace and took some gap over Alberto García who finished second ahead former European Champion Dani Vega, also racing at home.

Batlle Fuencarral

The A-main results:

1. Robert Batlle – Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel
2. Alberto García – Serpent / RB
3. Dani Vega – Agama / Orion
4. Ricardo Gómez – Crono / Reds
5. L. Ignacio Candel – Mugen / Novarossi

6. Borja Hernández – Mugen / Ninja
7. Daniel Bernabé – Mugen / RB
8. Bryan Baldó – Mugen / Novarossi
9. Daniel Pariente – Agama / Orion
10. Andrés Marcelino – Sworks / Sworks
11. Juan Manuel Guillén – Kyosho / OS
12. Francisco Javier Pombo – Durango / Alpha

Fuencarral_TTOverall Championship Podium

After this last Round, Robert takes his 6th Spanish Nats, followed by Borja Hernández and Richi Gómez.

So it was a brilliant season for Batlle and Merlin Fuel, after having won the European Title, Spanish Nats, Euro Warmup among others.

Link to final result

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