Spanish Nats 1/8 Onroad – Rd. 3 – Victory for Oscar Cabezas

The 3rd Round for Spanish 1/8 Onroad NAts, took place in Vigo (Northwest Spain) last weekend.

Drivers were not happy on Friday due to the rain. saturday was expected as a rainy day again. However, before the afternoon, the sun finally appeared to dry the track and let the race go.

Oscar Cabezas TQ’ed for this race making over 10 TQ’s in a row in the Spanish Championship.

1. Oscar Cabezas – Motonica / Vox / Merlin Fuel
2. Víctor González Kyosho / OS
3. Carlos Peracho
4. Nacho López Serpent / Max Power

The final was really disputed. In the very first laps, Oscar realizaed that he had not the proper engine tunning, having a rich carburation. So that he decided to have a conservative fuel strategy, what made him refuel twice more than his direct rivals.

Eventhough he managed to do most of the final in 1-2nd position.

The last lap he was on second position, and right in this lap, Nacho López who was first, felt a lack of fuel in his Serpent, and had to make a «pass trough with a fuel shot» to secure the second position.


Final Result:

1 Oscar Cabezas Motonica – Vox – Merlin Fuel 139 -45:05.767 TQ
2 Nacho López Lluch Serpent – Max Power 139- 45:13.024
3 Víctor González Kyosho – OS 138 -45:00.571
4 Carlos Peracho 134 – 45:06.528
5 Sergio Montesinos Xray – Novarossi 134 – 45:00.075
6 Fernando Castillo 133 -45:14.136
7 Victor Peláez Olivares Serpent 128 – 45:08.092
8 Joaquín Villegas 126 – 45:18.751
9 Javier Lorenzo 69 – 45:08.599
10 Alberto Alonso 50 – 16:14.992

Oscar makes a perfect weekend for Merlin, together with Robert Batlle who won the Off-Road Spanish Nats with Merlin Advance.

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