Merlin Enduro Race 2008

Next Sunday, October 26th will take place the «Merlin Enduro Race 2008» in Toulouse – France.
It will be a 3 hour Team Endurance Race. 6 teams with 4 drivers each, will dispute the Trophy.

The race will take place at «Club GTBRC» track in Toulouse.

Team 1 – Team Spacepa:

Romuald Derenne (Former On-Road French Champion), Gilles Chandonnay, Mathieu Brière (Former 1/5 Euro Champion, Vice-world Champion 1/5), Stephane Matéo (Regional Champion)

Tamiya TG10 – OS TZ12 Gilles Tuned – PMT Tires – Stratus – Merlin Fuel Pro Racing 16 – EVOI

Team 2 – Team Gazafond

Arce Sylvian, Nguyen Van Philippe, Ferrandiz Patrick,

Xray NT1 – RB R3Rc, RB Speed Line – Stratus 3.1. – Merlin Fuel Pro Racing 16 – EVOI

Equipo 3 – Team Challenger

Valentin Bailleul, Jean-Yves Urso, Georges Ribera, Pierre Prosper

Xray NT1 – RB V12 – Merlin Fuel Pro Racing 16 – EVOI

Team 4 – Team Sausicess

Olivier Denoy, Jeff Dumont, Vincent Thiefry

Kyosho V One RR – OS TZ12 – ATS Tires – Merlin Fuel Pro-Racing 16 EVO I

Team  5 – Team Castelisator

Greg Chantalou, Nicolas Miramont , Nicolas Piloquet (Former On-road French Champion)

XRay NT1 – RB R3Rc – RB Speedline Tires – Merlin Pro Racing 16 EVO I

Team 6 – Fashion team

Laurent Beaux, Christophe Combes , Christophe Zanderigo, Marc Asbati

Xray NT1 – OS TZ12 – ATS Tires – Merlin Fuel Pro Racing 16 EVO I

The racing day will start at 9,00. and the 3 hour endurance will start at 14:00

In the following video, which belongs to this year at Nat. Championships 1:10 200 mm., you may take a look of the GTBRC track. We hope to have a better weather than in March.



Track overview at

Vídeo 1 – (France Championship 1/8 – 2008) – (I)

Vídeo 2 – (France Championship 1/8 – 2008) – (II)

Vídeo 3 – (France Championship 1/8 – 2008) – (III)

4 comentarios

  1. Hello from France,

    the race start at 9am till 12h: 3 hours
    12 to 14h: lunch time (no mechanics)
    14 to 17h: 3 hours

    I want to thank Merlin Fuel for the support, and the quality of the products.

    Best regards,

    Romuald Derenne


  2. Hello,

    As GTBRC President, I want also to thank Merlin Fuel for providing all the teams involved with a high level of quality fuel not disturbing at all any of the engines during this 6 hours race. I want also to thank you for all the Merlin rewards given to all the teams at the end of the race.
    Clearly, This race was a success since the beginning to the end and it is the kind of race I want the Club to Reorganize next year but with more adverts to bring to Toulouse a lot of more teams.

    Best regards,
    Michel Bégué
    GTBRC President


  3. These Guys are flying…. My pitman could not do it…


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