Merlin Enduro Race 2008 Report

Last weekend took place the Merlin Enduro Race at GTBRCF track in Toulouse.

No doubt it was a hard test for cars, engines and also drivers, making 6 hours over the Frech track. Everything was perfectly organized by the GTB Rc Club and the weather was great for a racing day.
The endurance race was divided in two series of 3 hours each.
After the 3 hours in the morning the provisional results were;

1/ Team Sapacepa 410 tours
2/ Fashion team 400 tours
3/ Team Gazafond 398 tours

After the lunch break the race started again and the final classification was:

1. GAZAFOND Team 1°/ 794 T 07:29:41.30 ↑
2. SAPACEPA Team 2°/ 792 T 07:30:15.51↓
3. FASHION Team 3°/ 721 T 07:30:14.63↓
4. CHALLENGER Team 4°/ 633 T 07:30:14.38
5. SAUCISSES Team 5°/ 534 T 07:30:17.55
6. CASTELISATORS Team 6°/ 495 T 06:08:45.62

So after 6 hours race just 2 laps between the 1st and 2nd classified,

Picture credit: Jean Pierre Odille

Full picture gallery clicking on this image;

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  1. Hello,

    As GTBRC President, I want also to thank Merlin Fuel for providing all the teams involved with a high level of quality fuel not disturbing at all any of the engines during this 6 hours race. I want also to thank you for all the Merlin rewards given to all the teams at the end of the race.
    Clearly, This race was a success since the beginning to the end and it is the kind of race I want the Club to Reorganize next year but with more adverts to bring to Toulouse a lot of more teams.

    Best regards,
    Michel Bégué
    GTBRC President


  2. Dear Mr. Bégué,
    My club is interested in staging an enduro race similar to the «Merlin Enduro Race» here in Australia. We are currently discussing the race format, and we would like to know more of your race format for ideas of a good format. Could you direct us to somewhere that we can have look at the rules and format for the «Merlin Enduro Race», or perhaps send a document with the format to my E-mail address

    Kindest regards,
    Lars Karlsson
    Member of Sunshine Coast Radio Control Car Club


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