Óscar Cabezas is Spanish Champion 2012

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The last round of the Spanish championship was held in Gijon, Northern Spain. With the weather forecast not good, the rain was going to be a problem. The title was still open and to be decided between 3 drivers, Nacho López (Serpent-Max-Matrix), Sergio Montesinos (Mugen Novarossi-Enneti) and Oscar Cabezas (Motonica-Novarossi-Enneti). The first 2 have have been on the podium all season, while Oscar had won the last 2 races. On Friday the drivers could not train due to the rain while on Saturday the track remained wet until the beginning of the qualifying heats, the grip improving throughout the day. The best heat was the last one which saw Oscar Cabezas take the pole position.

Oscar Cabezas is Spansih Champion 2012

Sunday dawned wet but the sun was also shining. The first semifinal was run in difficult conditions with a wet track and was won by Carlos Peracho followed by Sergio Montesinos in 2nd. The next semifinal had two title contenders, Oscar and Nacho and a very fast guest, Edu Escandon, local driver and winner of national races in 200mm scale. Nacho led the race until he made a mistake at the end of the straight and broke his Serpent, this would mean any chance of winning the title was out of his hands. Oscar won the semi followed by Julio Alonso.

The main final was in dry conditions and with a very clean start Carlos Peracho managed to get in front. Montesinos took third position in the first lap, and before the end of the second lap overtook the two in front, Peracho and Cabezas, and took the lead.

The beginning of the race had a very fast pace, Montesinos was able to pull away from the chasing group. Within 3 minutes Peracho had engine problems and had to pit. Cabezas can not keep up the pace and is caught and overtaken by Escandon (Xray). This is the start of a new battle, the local driver with a more aggressive pace approaching tenth to tenth, closing down the lead of Montesinos. But the pit work for the Mugen driver gave him breathing room.

Team Cabezas

The most exciting moments came in the last ten minutes, Escandon was now right on the rear wing of Montesinos, and they began swapping places to the cheers from the crowd. Eventually the coolness and work won the race for the team Montesinos.  (end of text from redrc)

After the preamture end of Nacho López, Cabezas Team made the equation. finishing on 4th was the 2012 champion, no matter what it happen. So he just keep cold and held a comfortable 3rd position that made him Spanish Champion again.


Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Sergio Montesinos Mugen / Nova 165 / 45:07.187
2 Eduardo Escandon Xray / 165 / 45:09.491
3 Oscar Cabezas TQ Motonica / Nova / Merlin Fuel 162/ 45:04.216
4 David Jonás Alonso Motonica / Nova 157/ 45:13.848
5 Julio Alonso Rubio 155 /45:02.702
6 Marco Colomo Rodríguez 147/ 45.03.762
7 Victor González Motonica / Vox 141/ 43:54.376
8 Carlos Peracho 134/ 45:18.128
9 Sergio Rivas 108/ 41:04.561
10 Alberto Fernández 105/ 45:11.915

This is the 5th title for Óscar Cabezas who marks his name in the Spansih Onroad hall of fame.


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