Trofa Cup Portugal

Trofa Cup took place last Sunday 23rd at «Galerías Araujo Track», managed by elite Model.

João Pedro Gomes TQ’ed followed by Fábio Ferreira and Carlos Durães.

Carlos Durães managed to lead the final from the very first lapto the end.


After 30 minutes of the A Final, Durães was leading the race with 2  laps over the second , Ricardo Monteiro.

Behind them, a tight fight for the third by Gabriel Magalães and Nuno Casal Ribeiro.

With just 4 minutes lefting, Carlos Durães broke his shock shaft and had to made the 4 min of the race with only 3 shocks. He lost only one lap with second classified, R. Monteiro.

Race TOP 5:

1st – Carlos Durães (Hobao/RB/Merlin Fuel)
2nd – Ricardo Monteiro (Xray/Ninja)
3rd – Gabriel Magalhães (GS/RB)
4th – Nuno Casal Ribeiro (Crono/Falcon)
5th – Denis Lopes

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