Mark Green wins BRCA 1/8 Rd.1

The British 1/8 Nats started last weekend at Medip track (West England)

Mark Green TQ’ed and won the first UK Nats round. Some Irish drivers as Clive Connolly attended the race.


The final result:

1. Mark Green – Serpent/Novarossi/Merlin Fuel
2. Clive Connolly – Mugen/IDM
3. Jason Frost – Serpent/Mega
4. Daniel Bancroft – Motonica/Max
5. Dan Jones – Mugen/Novarossi
6. John Carr – Serpent/Mega
7. Tim Wood – Serpent/Mega
8. Neil Diver – Shepherd/IDM
9. Chris Heath – Serpent/Mega (DQ from 5th due to width of rear end)
10.Richard Hicklin – Serpent/Mega (DQ from 9th failed to submit car for scrutineering)


Full report at:

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