Rally Game at Athens

Last weekend took place the Kyosho Cup at Athens Aspropyrgos ARENA TRACK

Our dealer in Greece inform us about the race. This was the first official race in Greece for Merlin Fuel, and they were waiting to this race to confirm the good results in the previous training  tests.

The final results were:

1st.Abdel Halim Nadir George – Merlin Fuel

2nd.Lignos Akis

3d.Kyritsakis Michael

Rally Game is an upcoming scale in Greece. Final winner, George Abdel, surprised rest of finalists running the whole final under 90ºC with great engine power, when the average engine temperature was clearly over  115ºC.

He got impressed with the performance of the new Pro-Racing EVO 1 Fuel, that corroborates the results in previous tests.

Thanks to Velocity Models for the info.

More pics at www.radiocontrol.gr

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