Rally Game Challenge 2nd Round

The 2nd Round of the French Rally Game Challenge, took place Last January, 18th at Castelsarrasin.

The specially wet day turned out every corner in the track into a mini-drifting exhibition.

Jérome Delcourt made the Hat Trick, taking the TQ, Overall fastest lap and final victory.

Stephane Mateo won the first Rally Game Challenge Round last December in Toulouse.

The final results

1. Jérome Delcourt –Hobbytech STR8/Go Engine/Merlin Fuel

2. Luc Gegessipe

3. Stephane Mateo – Hobbytech STR8//Merlin Fuel

The 3rd round will take place at Tarbes next Feb. 1st.

Information and pictures: Automodelisme.com

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