Rally Game Challenge 3 Rd.

Tarbes in Hautes-Pyrénées Area, held last weekend the 3rd. and last Round of the first Rally Game Challenge.

The race was organized by Association Mini Auto Tarbaise. (Ligue 14)

After the 2 previous rounds at Toulouse and Castelsarrasin , the 3rd. Round was definitive to crown the final Champion.

The fight for the overall victory was really open, since over 7 drivers had real chances.

The day was not sunny, but at least not rainy as in 2nd round

The final classification at Tarbes was:

1. Sébastien Carrere – RS3/GRP

2. Stéphane Mateo –STR8 RG / Go / Merlin Fuel

3. Romuald Derenne – STR8 RG/Novarossi

4. Cristophe Houzel – RS7

5. Jérôme Davan – MP9

6. Luc Hegesippe – MBX5

7. Emmanuel Schleimer

With this Round result the final Championship classifications is as follows;

1. Stéphane Mateo –STR8 RG / Go / Merlin Fuel.

2. Romuald Derenne STR8 RG/Nova

3. Sébastien Carrere RS3/GRP

This is the final Podium:

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Picture Credits – Automodelisme.com and  As. Mini Auto Tarbaise

3 comentarios

  1. Hello from France,
    I’m Romuald Derenne from Toulouse, and I’m the organisator of these races.
    I finished second of the challenge with my Hobbytech STR8RG / Nova Rossi / Merlin Fuel, with the Flash Mc Queen body!!!

    Remember me, I also organized the first «6 hours Merlin Enduro Race».

    I want to thanks one more time Merlin Fuel for the very good products you provide to all customer with very very competitive price.

    Au revoir.

    Romuald Derenne


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