Robert Batlle takes Spanish nats 3Rd and secures Championship

Last week the 3rd. round of Spanish Nats was held at ATV Racing Club in Valladolid.


91 drivers attended the race with a nice sunny weather during the whole weekend except Friday, when a few rain drops appeared. Not enough anyway to disturb the race.

During Saturday Qualifications Robert Batlle was the fastest, followed by Andrés Marcelino and Daniel Bernabé.


Batlle had a trouble in A-Semifinal, and had to fight to keep a 4th place. Finally he got the «5» for the final. Quite unsual for the lastest years.

On A-Final Dani Vega took the lead for the first laps with a close fight with behind for the second place between Ignacio Candel and Andrés Marcelino.

Batlle had to wait 29 laps to get the first position, that was kept until the end of the Race. Daniel Vega crashed against a rolled car in the double jump, saying goodbye to his chance in the race.

With this victory (3/3) Robert Batlle secures 2012 Championship. Congratulations!!!

Valladolid 2012

Final result:

Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Robert Batlle Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 79 / 45:17.335
2 Ignacio Candel Mugen / RB 78 / 45:03.414
3 Ramón Nuño Losi / Nvision 78/ 45:26.604
4 Borja Hernández LRP / Alpha 77 / 45:08.822
5 Albert Navarro Mugen / Nova 77 / 45:11.729
6 Juanma Vera XRay / Nova 76/ 45.16.673
7 Michael Todd Mugen / Nova 76/ 45:32.509
8 Alejandro Daras Mugen / Picco 74/ 45:34.798
9 Andrés Marcelino Mugen / Argus 73/ 45:34.750
10 Bryan Baldó Mugen / Nova 72/ 45:24.598
11 Daniel Vega Agama / Reds 61/ 35:37.378
12 Daniel Bernabé S-Works / RB 22/ 12:57.844



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