Spanish Nats 1/8 On-Road – Rd.2

The second Round for Spanish Nats 1/8 On-Road was held in Elche track, in Alicante area, managed by Club Carsol

Was a hard race, with temperatures over 35ºC, 50ºC on the asphalt and a high relative humidity. A hard test for engines and fuel.

Oscar Cabezas (Motonica / Novarossi / Merlin Fuel)  TQ’d and set a new track record.

Elche track is small, but really fast. Laptime is just about 12 seconds.

After winning the semi-final, Cabezas kept the first place during almost 30 minutes, closely followed by Sergio Montensinos, who managed to took the first place in the tire change.

Oscar took again the first place after a few laps. A few laps later, Montesinos had glowpug failure, and Cabezas, who was driving with no brakes after a crash with Montesinos could set a comfortable and safe pace to finish the race in first position.

Final result:

1. Óscar Cabezas – Motonica / Novarossi / Merlin fuel
2. Sergio Montesinos – Mugen / Novarossi
3. Nacho López – Serpent / Novarossi
4. Fernando Castillo – Mugen / Sirio
5. Isaac Amorós – Motonica / Novarossi
6. David Alonso – Motonica / Novarossi
7. Víctor González – Motonica / Vox
8. Carlos Peracho –
9. Juan Miguel Delgado Mugen / Novarossi
10. Aritz Tamayo –


ngracing has found this interesting video of the final:

Merlin Fuel


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