Spanish Nats 1/8 Onroad – Rd. 2 – Oscar Cabezas wins in Valencia

The second round for Spanish 1/8th Onroad took place yesterday at Almussafes, Valencia.

Oscar Cabezas with his Vox engine fueled by Merlin Pro-Racing made 4 of 4 in the qualy giving no option to his rivals.


Weather forecast was not really good, but finally the Weather Man was wrong and there was no problem during the whole weekend.

The main final had not big history in the first position. Óscar Cabezas started 1st. and was followed closely by Nacho López who had a different fuel strategy. Right after the Tyre Stop, Nacho López had a mechanical trouble and could not fight for the victory.


Cabezas set a new lap record with 17:405

Final Result:

1 Oscar Cabezas Motonica – Vox – Merlin Fuel 145 -45:05.910 TQ
2 Victor González Kyosho – OS 140- 45:16.578
3 Sergio Montesinos O. Xray – Novarossi 139-45:07.298
4 Nacho López Lluch Serpent 139-45:13.514
5 Javier Leon Trilles Serpent – Merlin Fuel 136-45:03.740
6 Joaquín Signes Rubio 128-45:18.386
7 Victor Peláez Olivares Serpent 121-38:53.518
8 Carlos Peracho Heras 104-45:03.547
9 Vicente Eres (M40) Mugen – Nova – Merlin Fuel 91-29:41.546
10 Francisco Suarez R. (+40) 39-12:37.50

Next rd. will be in Vigo Northwest on July 10th

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