Winter Black Jack Race

Last weekend Nbr Mol organised the final race of their winter blackjack race. Blackjack means heats of 21 minutes for everybody, so no qualifications, finals etc. just 21 minutes of racing. The fastest heat of the weekend would be the winner.

The complete weekend was very wet so all drivers were very happy with the big heated tent Nbr had placed.

Buggy class had 3 heats with Belgian, Dutch and German drivers. Jorg Van Leuken competed all heats with Markus Feldman and Paul Geelen. After 5 heats Jorg Van Leuken managed 31 rounds with only 3 seconds less as Markus Feldman. Paul Geelen toke third place.
The final championship ranking we saw youngster Sander Van Genechten take victory.

Truggy class also had 2 heats with international drivers. Rc-Speedhouse boss Bjorn Nagels won 3 out of 5 heats but had to leave 1st place to Kris Verlies. The final championship was a close battle which Bjorn Nagels won.


1. Jorg Van Leuken – Xray / Tecnopower / Merlin Fuel
2. Markus Fredman – TLR / TLR
3. Paul Geelen / Mugen / Ninja



1. Kris Verlies – Losi / OS Engines / Merlin Fuel
2. Bjorn Nagels – Mugen / OS Engines / Merlin Fuel
3. JP Vermeulen – Mugen / OS Engines / Merlin Fuel


Together with the first race, this is the final Championship result:

1. Sander Van Genechten – Mugen / Os Engines / Merlin Fuel
2.  Cheng-Yung Chan
3. Stef Jacobs – Mugen / OS Engiens / Merlin Fuel

1. Bjorn Nagels-  Mugen / OS Engines / Merlin Fuel
2. Kris Verlies – Mugen / OS Engines / Merlin Fuel
3. JP Vermeulen – Mugen / OS Engines / Merlin Fuel


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