Merlin includes now our latest development. Starpack Additive.
Starpack is a carefully selected additive combination that offers increased protection from piston seizure, ring sticking, engine deposits and exhaust blocking.
It also helps to get a Clear burn and contains flow modifiers to assure an optimal piston wetting and lubrication, obtaining a continuous oil film that prevents againsr rust and help glow engines to maintain compression ratio.
Our technical dept. is preparing an exhaustive report to share with you the new feature in our fuels. In the meanwhile you can watch Starpack promo in this small presentation


Today we review one of our latest videos, about our exclusive Foam Control Technology. Learn how does it work.


Last weekend took place the Serpent Nations Cup in Monsanto Circuit (Lisbon).

Spanish 1:10 Team


Merlin Fuel had a Strong presence in the Race, including half 1:8 Netherlands winning Team and 2 drivers in the Spanish 1:10 winning Team.

Netherlands Team took the final victory in 1:8, and Spanish Team took the Victory in 1:10.

Rob Kuyper and Stenley Bauer chose Merlin Fuel to race in Portugal. Rodri Pahissa and Euro 2007 finalist Oscar Cabezas were racing with Spanish 1:10 Team.

Netherlands Team

UN Team


Many other drives chose Merlin Fuel for racing in Portugal, such as Ruud Schuitmaker (United Nations), Peteiro (Spanish 1:8 Team), René Corneilla (Austrian Team) or recent Portuguese Champion, Jõao Malveiro.

Overall Result
1. Team Netherlands – 163
2. Team Portugal (1) – 163
3. Team Austria – 149
4. Team Portugal (2) – 119
5. Team Portugal (3) – 107
6. Team Ireland – 105
7. Team Spain – 95

– &#8211

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Last October 28th it took place the last race for Spain Rally Game Nat. Championship at Cerdanyola (Barcelona)

Unfortunately Carlos Pineda wasn´t lucky that day. He could see one of his car wheels flying around the circuit and so, all his possibilities of winning the Championship, faded away.

Despite the accident he managed to finish 5th.

1. Carlos Saval.
2. Danielle Bulla
3. Sergio García
4. Rubén Márquez Zamora
5. Carlos Pineda
6. Francisco Escribano
7. Goyo Vidal
8. Josep Mª Franch
9. Fco. Javier Saura
10.Iván Mir

Jopsep Mª Franch (dcha) y Carlos Pineda (Izqa.)

This is the closing Race of national Championship. The final victory at Nat. Championship was for Sergio García and Fco. Javier Saura got a third position. Special mention for one of our friends, Josep Mª Franch. It was his first race at Spanish Nats this year and he managed to finish 8th,

Congratulations to Carlos Pineda for his awesome Season.

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Robin D’Hont, current 1:8 Onrad Belgian Champion, has recently tested Merlin Pro-Racing Fuel.
After an intensive test in Roselare circuit, he has decided to race next season and defend his Championship with Merlin Fuel products.

Despite his age, Robin has a very good curriculum at RC. Belgian Champion 2007, absolute Benelux Cup 2007 winner, and Euro Championship 2006 finalist.

This season he has won 1st, 4th and 5th rounds in Belgium National Championship races.
Source: www.merlinfuel.nl (Benelux Delaer)

Driver Backgroud:


Name– Robin D’Hondt
Birth Date– 20 June 1989
Nationality– Belgium
Lives in – Oedelem (near Bruges)
Sponsors – Serpent Motorsport, Mega, ATS tyres, Merlin Fuel, Ghiant
No. of years racing – 5
Class experience – 1/8 and 1/10 235 mm
Sporting Hero – Ayrton Senna

Source Serpent Motor Sport

Good luck for next season Challenges from Merlin News!!

Oscar CabezasLast Sunday October 21th the last race for Spanish 1:8 on-road Championship finished at Autet Circuit in en Almussafes (Valencia)

Thanks to his second place, Oscar Cabezas takes the Spanish Championship and also gives Merlin Fuel his 1st Spanish absolute Championship.

Oscar TQ’d for the event. His car was hitted starting the final and he dropped down to places where the Championship was in danger. Being aware he was the fastest car on the track he secured a 2nd place, enough to get the absolubte Spanish Championship.

Merlin Staff wants to thank Oscar and Alberto Cabezas for their cooperation and congratulate both them for the Final Victory in the Spanish Championship.




Congratulations! ! !


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Spanish Cahmpionship up Winner'07Last Sunday, October 21 fthe «Spanish Championships Cup at «Club Modelismo Castilla» wasfinished


As every year, the best regular season Drivers of 1:8 Off Road Buggy are participating in this closing season race, coming from all across the country.


A.J. Salmerón (Salmi), got the final Victory finishing one lap ahead second classified.


Moreover, Salmeron TQ’d and got the fastest lap at the race, establishing a new absolute record at Burgos Circuit.


The Final had a heavy participation of Drivers choosing Merlin Fuel to take part at the event. Borja Hernández (8th) and Juanjo Carro who finished 10th.


All over the weekend some of the drivers using Merlin Fuel got refuelling times over 9 minutes in the Northern Spain Track.


Congratulations to Salmi for a victory that crowns a brilliant regular season. He got the victory at the

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Borja Hernández will race next season with Merlin Fuel.


The Spanish Driver, recently 3rd. qualified in Euro 2007, has decided to run next season with our Fuels.


After an intensive test in La Rioja, (Northern Spain) Borja highlighted the tuning stability, reduced consumption togheterwith a low running temperature.


He also got surprised with Foam Control Technology.


Borja will help our technicians to continue developing new technologies and improving our products continuously.


Thanks to his international recognition and wide curriculum, he will be a great ambassador for our high quality fuels in the ultra-competitive 1:8 off road.

News at neobuggy.net

News at buggy-sport.info

Last weekend  the 3 hours endurance race took place  at Heemstede (Netherlands).

Our dealer in the Netherlands is pleased to inform us that many Teams chose Merlin Fuel to race the event. 
Endurance Races need reliable products and many drivers highlighted the easy and stable tunning up with Merlin Fuel.

Danny Leewis took part in the race as  Serpent Team 1 Member and Remy Möller as  Serpent Team 2 member.

The most orange Team in Heemstede was the Mashop Team, (in the pircure)

The final victory was for Serpent Team 1 (Merlin) and the second place for Serpent Team 2 running both of them with Merlin Fuel.

More info at: http://www.merlinfuel.nl/

Champagne para celebrar el final de la prueba