The construction of a  new RC Track is always good news, but today it is a special news, because our Delaer for USA and Caribbean area starts the construction of the Future Merlin Fuel track in Naranjito – Puerto Rico – USA.

This will be the first ever off Road Track at Puerto Rico, and will be near SSF Dsitributors Headquarters at Naranjito – USA. The facilities will include a Mylaps Timing system.

Merlin Fuel Track

Merlin Fuel track Construction works.

Merlin fuel Track_2

Marking the future Merlin Fuel Track

2012 was an exciting year for Merlin Fuel, with 3 National Championships; Spanish 1/8 On-road with Oscar Cabezas, Spanish 1/8 Off Road with Robert Batlle, and Netherlands 1/8th Off Road with Bart Mullink and of course World Champion with Robert Batlle.

Now is time to work on 2103, but first We want to wish you all the best for 2013!


Thank you all for your support!

Robert Batlle has won the World Championship in Argentina.


Robert is the first and opnly Spaniard who has won the title, and also the only driver who has won Warm-up and WC. Also the gives back the title to Europe. Since 2004, no European driver managed to win the WC.

This is a nice video edited by Neobuggy.net

Pic: redrc.net

Video: Neobuggy.net

Last weekend the 4th and last round of Spanish Nats 1/8 Off Road took place at Silla (Valencia)


Matching the weather forecast, we had some rain on Friday, that forced to stop heating series. However this rain helped to eliminate dust from the track and increase the grip, leaving a very nice surface for Saturday and Sunday.


On saturday, Robert Batlle TQ’ed followed by Andrés Marcelino and Borja Hernández.

«A» semi final was won by Robert Batlle while the rising star Ignacio Candel took «B» semi final, anticipating the final result.

With this Victory Batlle makes 4 of 4th in  2012 Spanish nats and 5 in a row.

Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Robert Batlle TQ Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 63/ 45:37.189
2 Ignacio Candel Mugen / RB 62/ 45:38.692
3 Borja Hernández LRP / Alpha 62/ 45:39.102
4 Bryan Baldó Mugen / Nova 61/ 45:.14.864
5 Oscar Baldó Mugen / Nova 61/ 45:19.241
6 Jorge Soler Mugen / OS 61/ 45:33.895
7 Javi Pombo Mugen / Nova 60/ 45:12.175
8 Alberto García Serpent / RB 60/ 45:.22.075
9 Andrés Marcelino Mugen / Argus 60/45:22.467
10 Albert Navarro Mugen / Nova 60/ 45:34.963
11 Ramón Nuño TLR / nVision 59/45:08.911
12 Adrián Pérez Mayoral XRay / Boss 50/ 45:16.817


Also final season Trophies were given in Silla.

Final_Temporada Overall 2012 Top Three

Spanish Nats 2012:

1. Robert Batlle
2. Ignacio Candel
3. Bryan Baldó

Also the +40 Final took place with the following top Three:

1. Roberto Díez Kyosho / Tecnopower / Merlin Fuel
2. Jaime Puche
3. Juan Marcial

Final +40

Fotos: Picassa Luismicc


text from Redrc.net

The last round of the Spanish championship was held in Gijon, Northern Spain. With the weather forecast not good, the rain was going to be a problem. The title was still open and to be decided between 3 drivers, Nacho López (Serpent-Max-Matrix), Sergio Montesinos (Mugen Novarossi-Enneti) and Oscar Cabezas (Motonica-Novarossi-Enneti). The first 2 have have been on the podium all season, while Oscar had won the last 2 races. On Friday the drivers could not train due to the rain while on Saturday the track remained wet until the beginning of the qualifying heats, the grip improving throughout the day. The best heat was the last one which saw Oscar Cabezas take the pole position.

Oscar Cabezas is Spansih Champion 2012

Sunday dawned wet but the sun was also shining. The first semifinal was run in difficult conditions with a wet track and was won by Carlos Peracho followed by Sergio Montesinos in 2nd. The next semifinal had two title contenders, Oscar and Nacho and a very fast guest, Edu Escandon

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The Speed Paradise facilities, near Buenos Aires, saw Merlin Team Driver Robert Batlle win the 2012 Worlds Warmup.

D. Ronnefalk set the peace during qualifying and seemed unaffordable. But 1 hour final is really long and anything can happen. So Robert, as usual was driving smoothly and planned a good fuel strategy allowing him to visit the pitlane once less than Ronnefalk.


The first position was held in the first laps by Cavalieri and Savoya, but soon Ronnefalk took the lead and opened a big gap leaving Batlle, Savoya and Cavalieri fighting for the second place.

With just 8 minutes to go  Robert Took the lead and Ronnefalk had several mistakes that made him go down to 6th place.


The final result:

Final result:

Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Robert Batlle – ES Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 78 / 60:25.0
2 Jared Tebo – USA Kyosho / Orion 77 / 60:01.7
3 Ryan Cavalieri – USA Associated / Orion 77/ 60:09.3
4 Reno Savoya – FR XRay / RB 77 / 60:44.6
5 Ty Tessemann – CAN HB / O.S. 77 / 60:45.7
6 David Rionnefalk – SWED Kyosho / Orion 76/ 58.58.0
7 Cody King – USA Kyosho / Orion 76/ 60:35.3
8 Billy easton – USA Serpent / Nova 72/ 60:00.0
9 Jesse Roberts – USA HB / O.S. 70/ 57:10.3
10 Teemu Leino – FIN HB / LRP 69/ 59:69.0
11 Miguel Matias – PT TLR / RB 50/ 42:48.7
12 Dakotah Phend TLR / Orion 47/ 37:35.6

Neobuggy has published an interview with Batlle right after the final:

Pics: Neobuggy.net


The 2nd rd. for Puerto Rico Championship Onroad Nitro Series, took place this weekend, with excellent results for Merlin Fuel users, 6 Merlin fuel users in the top 12.


1. Fernando “Choto” Méndez – Merlin Fuel
2. Juan Chalas – Merlin Fuel
4. Carlos Sánchez – Merlin Fuel
6. Alejandro Rodríguez – Merlin Fuel
10. Ángel Caballero – Merlin Fuel
11. René Díaz – Merlin Fuel


Congratualtions to Merlin Team Puerto Rico!

Last week the 3rd. round of Spanish Nats was held at ATV Racing Club in Valladolid.


91 drivers attended the race with a nice sunny weather during the whole weekend except Friday, when a few rain drops appeared. Not enough anyway to disturb the race.

During Saturday Qualifications Robert Batlle was the fastest, followed by Andrés Marcelino and Daniel Bernabé.


Batlle had a trouble in A-Semifinal, and had to fight to keep a 4th place. Finally he got the «5» for the final. Quite unsual for the lastest years.

On A-Final Dani Vega took the lead for the first laps with a close fight with behind for the second place between Ignacio Candel and Andrés Marcelino.

Batlle had to wait 29 laps to get the first position, that was kept until the end of the Race. Daniel Vega crashed against a rolled car in the double jump, saying goodbye to his chance in the race.

With this victory (3/3) Robert Batlle secures 2012 Championship. Congratulations!!!

Valladolid 2012

Final result:

Pos Driver Laps / Time
1 Robert Batlle Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel 79 / 45:17.335
2 Ignacio Candel Mugen / RB 78 / 45:03.414
3 Ramón Nuño Losi / Nvision 78/ 45:26.604
4 Borja Hernández LRP / Alpha 77 / 45:08.822
5 Albert Navarro Mugen / Nova 77 / 45:11.729
6 Juanma Vera XRay / Nova 76/ 45.16.673
7 Michael Todd Mugen / Nova 76/ 45:32.509
8 Alejandro Daras Mugen / Picco 74/ 45:34.798
9 Andrés Marcelino Mugen / Argus 73/ 45:34.750
10 Bryan Baldó Mugen / Nova 72/ 45:24.598
11 Daniel Vega Agama / Reds 61/ 35:37.378
12 Daniel Bernabé S-Works / RB 22/ 12:57.844

Pics: cochesrc.com


We are pleased to announce that Modelsport, is joining the Merlin Fuel family.


Modelsport is a Larnaca based company that has been part of the city’s primary shopping destinations for RC, nitro and electric cars and accessories for over ­­15 years. Our company has managed to create and uphold a successful and profitable business environment with its premises located in one of Larnaca’s central streets, providing car modeling lovers with all the necessary means to exercise their most beloved sport – RC, nitro and electric car modeling.

Modelsport is the No.1 shopping destination in Larnaca as well as in the rest of Cyprus for all those who love Car Modeling and everything associated with RC, nitro and electric cars, model RC car racing or even building your own custom design remote control car choosing every little detail according to your taste from beginning to end.

Website: www.modelsport.com.cy

contact: info@modelsport.com.cy


The 6th round for the dutch nationals took place at the high grip Astroturf track in Haren Germany.
The track was very bumpy because they are also running bigscale on this track. On Saturday there was training it was extreme hot (30 degrees) but still 25 people took this opportunity to train for the race. Everybody looked for an setup for this high grip track, going fast true the chicanes without having traction roll.

At the end of the day most people found a good setup and were making the car ready for Sunday. In the evening we had a nice BBQ it was still very warm, and it didn’t cool down.

Sunday in the morning we started at 10.00 it was already very hot and the people said that it was going to be warmer than the Saturday, and it was true. (they have not spent the summer in Spain)

First round of qualification it was Bart Mullink who took the first place just 0.2 seconds behind him was Kay Koops. Second round of qualification it was serpent driver Kay Koops who took the fastest

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