Alexander Harberg reports from Swedish 1:10 Rd.1

Alexander Hargberg has recently joined Merlin Fuel Team.
Alexander is a well known dirver in EP Racing, 1:10 and 1:12th scales.

This year he will be racing nitro for first time, in preparation for the  2010 EC in Gothenburg. He has sent us this report about his first ever Nitro powered race.

«The first round of the Swedish Cup with 1:10 and 1:8 GP cars was held in Växjö, southern Sweden on a flowing yet fast asphalt course. In attendance were myself, current Swedish champion Magnus Vässmar, former Swedish champions and Euros finalists Mikael Fransson and Per-Ola Hård among others.

This was my first race ever with GP cars, and after only 2 days of practice back home I felt confident that I could do well at this race.

The qualifiers went reasonably well for me as I in the 3rd round out of 4 could secure overall TQ with a 2 second gap down to 2nd placed Kyosho driver Magnus Vässmar. I also set a new lap record of 15.14 in this heat. Since I had not received my new Max Power engines in time for the race I ran one of my old LRP .12 engines which still gave good power for this medium sized track. The Merlin Fuel proved to be extremely powerful and helped me achieving great acceleration and top speed. The runtime was also an advantage since I could do one pitstop less than the other drivers in the 45 minute main!

I lead the 20 first minutes of the final before I had an engine stall which gave away the lead to 2nd placed Vässmar. With 2 minutes to go Vässmar lost his 2nd gear in the transmission and was running slowly around the track. I took back the lead and finished 1st overall with about half a lap down to second placed Vässmar and another lap in front of 3rd placed Mugen driver Mikael Fransson.

The race was a great experience and I am already looking forward to racing nitro again! I want to thank Merlin Fuel for their support which helped me win this important race!»

I forgot to add the list of top 10 results:

1. Alexander Hagberg – 170 laps – XRAY NT1 – Merlin Fuel
2. Magnus Vässmar – 169 laps – Kyosho
3. Mikael Fransson – 169 laps – Mugen
4. Per-Ola Hård – 167 laps – Serpent – Merlin Fuel
5. Alexander Andersson – 166 laps – Kyosho
6. Markus Hellquist – 165 laps – Kyosho
7. Ola Westholm – 163 laps – Kyosho
8. Edwin Suneson – 163 laps – XRAY NT1
9. Bengt Andersson – 162 laps – XRAY NT1 – Merlin Fuel
10. Johnny Karlsen – 156 laps – Kyosho

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