The Euros 2102 has finished in Austria with the following result.


A Thrilling final with a hardly disputed 4 laps. Robert Batlle suffered a flameout in pit box, that made him lose too much time to dispute the 1st podium place. So that, together with his team, they decided to keep a consistent peace to secure the third position, and set a comfortable gap with 4th classified (R. Savoya).


This Neobuggy video shows the last 4 laps of the final.

So that Robert could not revalidate the last year victory in Germany, but his 3rd place keeps him in the top of European Off Road Specialists.

There is an exciting World Championship to follow in Argentina.


Fotos y vídeo: Neobuggy.net

Merlin Fuel


Last Sunday took place the 4th round for Netherlands Nat Championship at Appingedam.

Merlin Drivers took the first e places of podium.


1. Kay Koops                 Alpha Plus Merlin Fuel
2. Bart Mullink             Merlin Fuel
3. Jorg van Leuken     JQ/Merlin Fuel

It was held in the north of holland in Friesland EE the track surface was grass Saturday there were some people to train weather was not very good temperature was good but there was very much wind very difficult to land your car right after the jumps. In the evening around 3 O’clock rain was starting to fall very hard and in the morning the grass track changed into muddy surface and for the buggy’s it was very heavy to drive. First qualification round was wet but some guys decided to drive, First qualification round was one by JQ driver rajco van der sluijs he drove 11 rounds in 5.26 so TQ for First round. Second qualification round was won by TLR driver Bart Mullink he drove 11 rounds in 5.01, so he TQed the second round. For the third round of qualification heavy rain started to fall and some guys didn’t even set a time, jeffrey halsema also didn’t set a time so he decided to start Q3 and also bart mullink and some other drivers decide

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The First Edition of RC Show 2012 took place last weekend at the Fuencarral Track in Spain. With typical Spanish sunny weather, this Open International event brought the top national drivers in this category as well as those from other countries. RC Show´12 was a three day event, with controlled practice on Friday, qualifying on Saturday and the mains on Sunday. Also on Saturday evening after the qualification rounds, Mike Truhe and Kevin Gahan from TLR put on a great exhibition with the Losi 5T while Spanish pilot Julio Memba also put on a 3D helicopter exhibition for the crowds. Portuguese driver Miguel Matias topped qualifying and was TQ on Saturday but after Sunday’s semi finals it was the Spanish driver and current European champion Robert Batlle who put his Mugen in the top position and would go on to win, followed by TLR´s Mike Truhe with Agama driver Dani Vega completing the podium.

[Text from redrc.net]


Final result:

1. Robert Batlle (ES) &#8211

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Bandera-de-Puerto-Rico (1)We have pleasure in introducing SS-Factory inc. as new Merlin Fuel Dealer for Caribbean Area.

SS Factory is a professional Importer based in Puerto Rico.

They will take care of the whole Caribbean area.

We hope with his help, Merlin Fuel will be a popular RC product in such a nice area.

The second Round for Spanish Nats 1/8 On-Road was held in Elche track, in Alicante area, managed by Club Carsol

Was a hard race, with temperatures over 35ºC, 50ºC on the asphalt and a high relative humidity. A hard test for engines and fuel.

Oscar Cabezas (Motonica / Novarossi / Merlin Fuel)  TQ’d and set a new track record.

Elche track is small, but really fast. Laptime is just about 12 seconds.

After winning the semi-final, Cabezas kept the first place during almost 30 minutes, closely followed by Sergio Montensinos, who managed to took the first place in the tire change.

Oscar took again the first place after a few laps. A few laps later, Montesinos had glowpug failure, and Cabezas, who was driving with no brakes after a crash with Montesinos could set a comfortable and safe pace to finish the race in first position.

Final result:

1. Óscar Cabezas – Motonica / Novarossi / Merlin fuel<br

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The Warm up for European Championship 2012 has finished today at Fehring, Austria. The rain forced the race Director to cancel the main final after 9 minutes.

So that the semi-final qualification is taken into account, giving Robert Batlle the final victory together with Davide Tortorici.


Robert had been the clear dominator of controlled practice on Friday, setting a strong peace. However a mistake in qualifications made him finishing on 5th. Eventhough in his twitter account he said he felt confident for Sunday

This video belongs to controlled practice:

Final Result.

1. Robert Batlle (ES)  – Mugen – Novarossi – Merlin Fuel 1. Davide Tortorici (IT) 3. Elliot Boots (UK) – Kyosho 3. Neil Cragg (UK) 5. David Ronnefalk (SE) 5. Alex Zanchettin (IT) 7. Miguel

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The Neo race finished last Sunday with the following result:

1 Jared Tebo USA Kyosho / Orion 81 v.
2 Ty Tessemann CAN Hot Bodies / OS 80 v.
3 Ryan Mainfield USA AE/OS 79 v.
4 Ryan Cavallieri USA AE/Orion 79 v.
5 Ryan Lutz USA Durango / Alpha 78v
Robert Batlle
Mugen / Nova / Merlin Fuel
78 v.
7 Elliot Boots UK Kyosho / Nova 78 v.
8 David Ronnefalk No Kyosho / Orion 78 v
9 Neil Cragg UK AE / LRP 78v.
10 Jesse Roberts USA Hot Bodies / OS 77 v.
11 Cody King USA Kyosho / Orion 77v.
12 Martin Bayer CZ Xray / nVision 77v.

The main final was clearly dominated by USA with 7 drivers between the TOP 15. Robert Batlle who had an incident on start managed to finish on 6th and was the first European and only Mugen in honor position.


Pics and info from Neobuggy.net

Merlin Fuel


It is a pleasure for our company to announce that multiple Spanish 1/8 On Road Champion, and European Finalist Oscar Cabezas will continue to collaborate with us.

During these years of cooperation, Óscar powered by Merlin fuel has won 2 Spanish Championships, and has been European finalist in both 1/8 and 1/10th classes.


Merlin Fuel


The 2012 Montpellier marks the season start in Europe.

With 196 driver attending the race we saw a new Victory of Merlin Fuel Powered Robert Batlle, showing that he is as strong as in the end of 2011 season.

Reno Savoya TQ’ed followed by Elliot Boots and Jerome Sartel. Battle finished 6th. Also Carlos Pineda finished 13, flying directly into semi-final, where a old silicon oil ruined any chance of acieving the main fianl.


The final was pretty interesting with a close fight between Batlle and Savoya. Also Elliot Boots was near, but suffered a problem.

Finally Batlle took the victory for just 6 seconds.

Final Result:

1. Robert Batlle – Mugen / Novarossi / Merlin Fuel Advance – 92/60:00.9 2. Reno Savoya – Xray / RB                                                                 – 92/60:06.9 3. Martin Bayer – Xray / Nvision                                                          

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