Netherlands Buggycup Rd. 6

The 6th round for the dutch nationals took place at the high grip Astroturf track in Haren Germany.
The track was very bumpy because they are also running bigscale on this track. On Saturday there was training it was extreme hot (30 degrees) but still 25 people took this opportunity to train for the race. Everybody looked for an setup for this high grip track, going fast true the chicanes without having traction roll.

At the end of the day most people found a good setup and were making the car ready for Sunday. In the evening we had a nice BBQ it was still very warm, and it didn’t cool down.

Sunday in the morning we started at 10.00 it was already very hot and the people said that it was going to be warmer than the Saturday, and it was true. (they have not spent the summer in Spain)

First round of qualification it was Bart Mullink who took the first place just 0.2 seconds behind him was Kay Koops.
Second round of qualification it was serpent driver Kay Koops who took the fastest time 2 seconds behind him it Was Bart Mullink who struggled with traffic.
Third qualification round Bart Mullink took the fastest time and TQ with 12 rounds in 5.18 Kay also run 12 rounds in 5.19, so the difference were very small.
In the semi final B kay koops run true on easy win with 2 laps on the entire field, semi final A was won by JQ driver Jorg Van Leuken.
In the main final it was Kay who started from pole jorg from 2 and bart from 3.

In the beginning kay had a free track and could easily get away after 9 round it was kay on 1 Bart on 2 with already a half lap behind and jorg on 3.

Kay was just driving his laps and bart tried to come closer and made a few mistakes after 25 minutes of racing it was still kay leading bart second and jorg third.

Kay was just making his laps very consistend and fast, but after 28 minutes kay his car broke and fell out so bart was leading Jorg was running second and serpent driver Jeffrey Halsema took the third spot

Congratulations to the winners

Sportsman class
1 Bart Mullink TLR-Ninja-Merlin fuel
2 Jorg van Leuken JQ-JQ-Merlin fuel
3 Jeffrey Halsema Serpent-Werks

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