New Dealer in Cyprus

We are pleased to announce that Modelsport, is joining the Merlin Fuel family.


Modelsport is a Larnaca based company that has been part of the city’s primary shopping destinations for RC, nitro and electric cars and accessories for over ­­15 years. Our company has managed to create and uphold a successful and profitable business environment with its premises located in one of Larnaca’s central streets, providing car modeling lovers with all the necessary means to exercise their most beloved sport – RC, nitro and electric car modeling.

Modelsport is the No.1 shopping destination in Larnaca as well as in the rest of Cyprus for all those who love Car Modeling and everything associated with RC, nitro and electric cars, model RC car racing or even building your own custom design remote control car choosing every little detail according to your taste from beginning to end.




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